Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 31, Neuer finally returned after eight months of injury, in his first two teaching games to make a wonderful save. In particular, the German national team that opened yesterday started the second teaching competition. In the case of Neuer’s comeback for Germany U20, the German national team scored a 2-0 victory over German U20 national youth.




In the previous first teaching competition, Germany beat Germany’s national youth 7-1 in 60 minutes and Neuer returned in the second half to help the German national team score 2-0 in 30 minutes. Germany praised No. 1 goalkeeper Neuer, saying that he did not seem to have been injured.


German assistant Schneider briefly evaluated Neuer’s performance after the game: “Neuer kicked 70 minutes today and made several wonderful saves.”

The German national coaching staff emphasized Neuer: “When you see him as such an incredible goalkeeper, you are naturally willing to wait for him to recover as long as possible.”

U20 coach Franck Cramer also said: “Neuer is a perfect goalkeeper, I do not see him hurt for eight months.”

The German No. 1 Gate, which was originally worried that the injury would last for a long time, will not be left untouched by the long absence of the battlefield. However, from the perspective of the two teaching events, the above concerns are purely worrying. The No. 1 goalkeeper is still No. 1 The goalkeeper, Neuer did, was as good at the World Cup in Russia as it was at 14 years.


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