WELLSPORTS  News 2018 Russia World Cup is drawing to a close,


France, Belgium, England and Croatia will compete for the final World Cup, and the defending champion Germany team’s upset team will become the biggest upset of this World Cup. According to reports, the 30-year-old German international Özil is about to announce his retirement from the German national team.


Poor performance in the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018, and because the World Cup before the World Cup meeting with the Turkish President to the German fans was greatly dissatisfied, sparked criticism. After a bad trip to Russia, the Arsenal midfielder was disheartened and considered leaving the national team.

Turkish President Erdogan met with the German internationals of Ozil and Jing Duoan, two Turkish descendants, when they visited Britain for a visit to London. Erdogan accepted the Arsenal jersey presented by Özil. This incident caused an uproar in German public opinion and fans after the exposure. After that, Jing Duoan publicly apologized, but Özil never responded.

After going to Russia, the German team’s overall downturn was out of the bottom, and Özil could not escape the responsibility of the media and fans. German Football Association President Grindel publicly criticized Özil, and after the German team returned home, said that Özil must explain to the national team also to the fans (accepted Erdogan). Manager Bierhoff also claimed that the German team probably should not have brought Özil.

Sky Sports reporter said on the show: “Ozil has no future in the German team. He may have to draw a full stop, because you know, he is very sad, no one likes to be criticized. Not only because of him In the performance of the World Cup, but because of the criticism of the entire external environment, such as the attitude of the German Football Association on this matter. He believes that he has not been treated fairly, this is the problem now.”

Ozil, who was deeply troubled by internal and external troubles, did not publicly respond to the matter. However, in the German media, his personality, even if he was deeply criticized, was always silent and he was unlikely to publicly apologize for the rest. According to Sky Sports, Özil has decided to withdraw from the national team to make this matter a complete end.


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