News from June 3 to May 28th, the final round of the 2018 Russian World Cup group match will continue and the video will be broadcast live in Panama at 2 am tomorrow. The two teams were in Group G with England and Belgium, and they both advanced in a two-game losing streak, so this game will also be a battle of honor between the two teams. Who will give the first two wins in the World Cup? What kind of wonderful offensive will Hazli and Perez make? How will the two teams fight against each other? Can Tunisia, which is full of wounded soldiers, resist the Panamanian offensive?



Two teams starting lineup prediction

Panama (4-1-4-1): 1-Penedo; 2- Murillo, 5-R-Torres, 4-Escobar, 15-Davis; 6- Gomez; 8- Basanas, 11-Cooper, 20-Goddo, 21-Rodriguez; 7-Perez

Tunisia (4-3-3): 16-Maslouse; 5-Hatta, 3-Benaruian, 4-Meria, 12-Maruleh; 13-Sacy, 17-Schilly, 7 – Hau; 8-F-Ben Youssef, 10-Hazri, 9-Badri

Panama VS Tunisia Honor Battle

In this super team with Belgium and England, the Panamanian and Tunisian group staged two defeats and two defeats, both of which have already advanced. Both teams will fight for honor. Since there will be no baggage, this game may be more open. Panama and Tunisia all hope to bid farewell to the World Cup with a victory. This also allows us to look forward to a big game.

  Ace Shooter Showdown: Hazli vs Perez

Hazli is the captain of Tunis and the number one star. He played well in the match against Belgium. He is also a goal guarantee for Tunisia. In contrast, Panama, Perez, 37, is Panama’s striker king, but he did not score for the team in the first two games, the two sides of the last battle may open up the posture, Perez may usher in the break Opportunity. Who will score for the team?

  Tunisian Injured Soldiers Fighting for the No. 3 Goalkeeper

Although Panama has a lower world ranking than Tunisia, Tunisia is currently facing a serious injury and the lack of main players like Hassan, Ben Mustafa, Burundi and S-Ben Youssuf has brought the two teams closer. The strength of the team. In such a game without pressure, which team can play better can win.

It is worth mentioning that Tunisia’s current goalkeeper crisis is severe. The main goalkeeper Hassan injured in the first game only 15 minutes. According to the official website of FIFA, No. 2 goalkeeper Ben Mustafa was also injured during training, and he became a suspect in Panama. If Ben Mustafa is unable to play, Tunisia will have only the third goalkeeper Maslurus available. In addition, Bron and S-Ben Youssef, who were injured in the last round, are also likely to miss this match.


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