WELLSPORTS News:In the interview with “French Football”, Croatian midfielder Modric was still unable to let go of the defeat of the World Cup finals.

“In the final, I am disgusted by our unlucky (je suis surtout dégoûté par notre manque de baraka)! I will even say that we are not lucky for one minute and one second.

First of all, in the non-obvious free kick After we were beautifully tied, it was a bad penalty.”

“Perisic didn’t deliberately handball. The team played the best in the whole competition. At 1-2, the situation became complicated for us. Especially the opposite is very strong, they have excellent Players and very good organization.”

Modric also praised the French teenager Mbape: “Mbape, the World Cup best young player award must be his!”

Modric hopes to be in the 2020 European Cup: “We have built a great team, united and connected with our fans. This team has a future.”

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