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Beijing time March 20th The 2018 World Cup was the last chance for the international team including him! Messi admitted in an interview recently that this was his last chance and he was eager to get his wish!Barcelona star Messi is currently busy with club events. He is eager to help Barcelona win the triple crown. And about the 2018 World Cup.

He said that this was the last chance for the international team including him, and he was eager to get his wish! It is well-known that Messi’s honor in the team is as numerous as the starry sky, but it seems to be always unsatisfactory to put it in the national team. Man said that in 2014, he lost the championship. In the Americas Cup, when Argentina lost the championship, Messi gave tears of disappointment.

“I cried many times because of these games, because losing the finals meant that I couldn’t realize the dream of a country.” Messi said afterwards that the three finals seemed to have no help for Argentina, and this was a very big blow. Messi laughed with his teammates when he won, and cried with them when he lost. This is another way Messi interpreted the game.

This summer, he is about to embark on a journey with the national team comrades.Although not willing to admit it, it still admits. “It’s very unlucky that our success depends on the outcome. I think if we can’t win this time, then we won’t have another one.” During the World Cup, Messi will celebrate his 31st birthday, and many of his teammates, such as Higuain, Otamendi, Di Maria, Mascherano, will also be over 30 years old. For them, the chance of winning the World Cup is probably only one.”I can imagine going to the World Cup in Russia and winning the championship. This is the dream that I always have.

Whenever the World Cup starts, this dream will become stronger. I hope to tell people that this is a time for us. A great World Cup, my wish is the same as everyone, and I hope that like 2014 (into the finals), I hope that this is an unforgettable experience. This time, it is everyone’s dream to get a trophy.” This is his hope for himself. The 2018 World Cup is indeed the last chance for Messi. What kind of gesture will he take on the podium? Can the Argentine team round up his dream and rise all the way? Everyone may wish to wait and see.


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