WELLSPORTS Sports News July 10th, 2018 Russia World Cup semi-final officially started the war,


tomorrow at 2 am to broadcast live video of the French team against Belgium. In the pre-match training, Mbape did not appear in the training ground, which also made the media doubt whether it was injured. But French coach Deschamps said that Mbabe will still be the first to fight. What kind of wonderful performance will this talented teenager have?


In the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 group stage, France won two matches, the first qualifying in Group B, followed by a 4-3 victory over Argentina to reach the quarter-finals, with Varan and Griezman’s goal 2-0 victory over Uruguay to reach the semi-finals . In the semi-final, they will face the European Red Devils Belgium, who eliminated Brazil by 2-1. In the French competition, the 19-year-old Paris Saint-Germain striker Mbape showed amazing progress, especially in France’s 4-3 victory over Argentina, Mbape scored two goals and made a penalty. It is the biggest hero of the team to win.

However, on Monday’s pre-match training, the French striker Mbape, who was outstanding in this World Cup, did not appear in the training ground. This also caused many fans to worry about the appearance of the Mbabe semi-final, and Um Titi. Kanter, Pawar also did not participate in the team training, these four are the frequent visitors in the first few lists of Deschamps. However, Deschamp immediately dispelled the fans’ doubts. He said: “Even if we have four players absent from the training due to preventive measures, each of them can participate in the semi-finals with Belgium.”

And who can achieve the ultimate victory in this century? What kind of outstanding performance does Mbabe show? Let us wait and see.


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