News from June 5th, the 2018 Russia World Cup will open on June 14 and Tunisia recently announced the list of 23 people participating in the World Cup. The specific list is as follows.




Forwards: Badli (Tunisia), Slarfi (Nice), Hazli (Ren), Slidi (Dijon), Khalifa (African), Ben Yousef (Aliti Method) g)

Midfielders: Schilli (Montpellier), Charallelli (Saint Maurice), Sassi (Alsace), Emma (Jidah Ahli), Hao (Troye), Khalil (African)

Defenders: Bron (Ghent), Bedouin (Shahir), Benalouin (Leste City), Yousef (Caspera), Melich (Sfaxion), Chemam (Tunisia Hope), Haddadi (Dijon), Marrol (Al Ahli)

Goalkeepers: Hassan (Chateauroux), Maslusi (Star of the Sahel), Mustafa (Shabab)

It is worth mentioning that Mashakani did not appear on the list. This season, Youssouf Makhakani continues to be in good shape. In the Qatar League, he scored 23 goals for 20 appearances for Duhale. In the AFC Champions League, he also scored two goals. But in Duhale’s 5-2 victory over Celia, Mashakny suffered a severe cruciate ligament injury. Because of the injury, Mashakney bid farewell to the Russian World Cup in advance. Tunisia coach Nabil Malolo also said that Makhakani is just as important as Salah for Egypt. To know that in the last year, Tunisia pressured the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the match between Libya and Guinea, Ms. Sakani scored three goals and was a major player in Tunisia’s 2018 World Cup finals.

In the group stage of this World Cup in Russia, Tunisia was assigned to the G group. The other three teams in the same group were the European Red Devils Belgium, the Three Lions Corps England and the World Cup New Army Panama. With regard to theoretical strength alone, it is indeed difficult for Tunisia to break out from such a group. And also lacks the team’s offensive core Mashakani, Tunisia this World Cup is even more difficult. However, African teams have always been good at upsetting the World Cup this big stage, so no team dared to despise Tunisia this North African team.


Tunisia will start the World Cup on the 19th. The specific Tunisian team stage schedule is as follows:

June 19 02:00 Tunisia vs England

June 23 at 20:00 Belgium vs Tunisia

June 29 at 02:00 Panama vs Tunisia

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