On May 18th, Beijing time, the English coach said in an interview with Manchester United general Smolin that he was defeated by the 23-man World Cup in England in Russia. He said that the defeat was unexpected. He was excellent but was afraid to destroy the system.



Manchester United general Smolin has been afraid of receiving Southgate’s phone for some time, because he is afraid of the other person telling you that you are out. Out what place? It is not England’s lineup for the World Cup in Russia. In fact, he was indeed passed away.

  In recent interviews with The Post, Southgate had ridiculed that Gary Cahill had not dared to answer his phone because of fear of losing the election. As early as last year, he decided not to hire Smolin for the tactical reason.

  “I did not recruit Gary in March, so this time I called him and he did not answer. I think he must have been afraid. He only informed him by texting. It turned out that my phone calls were not bad news.

  Southgate said that Manchester United general Smolin has performed very well, but for the sake of the overall situation and for a harmonious system, he had to exclude Smolin from the England World Cup lineup in England.

  This is like sending a good card to someone after he has been rejected. Although you are very good, it feels we are still not suitable.

  “With regard to Smolin, there is no doubt that he is a good player and he has performed very well at Manchester United. But we established the defense system in November last year and it performed perfectly. From the overall consideration, I have no reason to change the original. Some arrangements.”

  It is learned that Smolin was lost in the list of England’s training in November 2017. In the series of warm-up matches at the time, England only lost 1 goal against Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.


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