May 30th, Beijing time, May 25, Marcos – Alonso Weiwei, Chelsea full-back, Spain excellent free kick players defeated the Russian World Cup Spain national team 23-member lineup, this is a terrible pursuit of a player In the blow, many fans even directly withdrew from the national team. However, Marcos-Alonso was only extremely indifferent. He said that this was expected and then he hoped that Spain would win the World Cup.



Alonso talked about losing the World Cup: I guessed it early, expecting Spain to get the World Cup back!

  “I expected this to happen before, and I didnt watch the live broadcast of the announcement. I dont know if they would call me to say this, but Lope Teji did not explain it to me. We hope that the World Cup in Spain will bring good luck and bring back the championship.”

  For the missed World Cup in Russia, he said that nothing is wrong with him. The conflict is estimated to be good, but it is still acceptable. This is normal, although he can not go to the World Cup and can not compete with such masters as Messi, but this does not mean that he is not good, on the contrary, he played very well in Chelsea.

  Alonso played very well in Chelsea this season. He scored 8 goals in a single season and was the best knife guard in the Premier League. Alonso is also a free-kick expert. “After a long season, I now need to recharge myself. I am satisfied with my performance in Chelsea this year and will be better next season.”

  Without the World Cup event, I could just use this empty space to give myself a good impulse. Whether it is a helpless move or something else, it all shows that his attitude is still very good.


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