Three-Five Sports News Beijing time On May 15th, the 23-man roster list for Brazil’s World Cup in Russia was officially released in the near future. Neymar lived up to the expectations of the controversy. He only thought about Barcelona and missed Messi when he was interviewed by the media some days ago. It seems that the World Cup in Russia has met Messi with a high probability.




Russia’s World Cup Brazil’s 23-man big list was released, Neymar really led the set. Looking at the list of 23 people in Brazil now is not the same as you guessed?

World Cup Brazil Brazil 23:

Goalkeepers: Allison (Rome), Edson (Man City), Casio (Corinthians)

Defenders: Danilo (Manchester City), Fagner (Corinthians), Tiago-Silva (Paris), Miranda (Internazionale), Marchinus (Paris), Pedro Greg Romer (Gremio), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Felipe-Louis (Atlético)

Midfielder: Casseiro (Real Madrid), Paulinho (Barça), Fernandinho (Man City), Augusto (Beijing Guoan), Coutinho (Barça), Fred (Miner ), William (Chelsea)

Forwards: Neymar (Paris), Douglas-Costa (Juventus), Jesús (Manchester City), Fermino (Liverpool), Tyson (Miner)


Neymar’s love with Messi, according to him, was the last thing he missed after the injury. The main reason he thinks about Barcelona is because Messi and Sue, who miss the time spent playing with the two former teammates, can miss it because A player ugly and laughed at him together.

However, in order to ensure that he can enter the World Cup, he did not hesitate to transfer, left Barcelona, ​​left Messi.

Fortunately, the heavens pays off, and now he can sit in Brazil, lead the World Cup, and have the opportunity to once again meet his former comrades.


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