WELLSPORTS News July 12th, the 2018 Russia World Cup semi-final came to an end, eventually France beat Belgium 1-0, while Croatia 2-1 reversed England.


Therefore, Belgium and England will compete for 3 or 4 at 22:00 on the 14th, while France will compete with Croatia for the World Cup at 22 o’clock on the 15th. In these two exciting games, we also selected the best team in the semi-finals.

The WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018  forwards are composed of Manjukic, Mbape and Pericic. The midfield consists of Bogba, Modric and Azar. Varané, Umtiti, Vida and Trippier are the defenders. The goalkeeper has Lori. Um Titi, Trippier, Perisic and Manjukic, who scored in the semi-finals, were selected, and Kane, who played poorly in the semi-finals and has been eliminated, naturally missed the best lineup. Let’s take a closer look at the best lineup of this semi-final.


Forward: Manjukic (Croatia)

Manjukic played in the game with a small injury, but this did not affect his status on the court. In the game, Manjukic also brought his injured leg to the last moment. More importantly, on the occasion of seeing Man Zhukic limping on the court, the Croatian coach still chose to believe in it and let Manjukic stay on the court. Of course, Manjukic did not live up to the coach’s trust in him. At the last moment of overtime, Manjukic dragged his injured leg and started it. It can be said that Manzukic let Croatia create the history of the team and thus broke into the World Cup finals.


Forward: Mbape (France)

Mbape’s taking the ball on the right is a nightmare for the Belgian defense. His presence has allowed Belgium to always throw a rat, and his right-hand breakthrough has made Verton rush to the yellow card. In this semi-final, Mbape’s play is also very good. The fly in the ointment is that Mbape failed to score a goal in the game. Even at the last moment, Mbabe also made a yellow card for deliberately delaying the time, which made the French team’s victory a little embarrassing. In any case, the French team finally broke into the finals and was able to reach the final. Mbape was also the biggest player in the team.

Forward: Pericic (Croatia)

In the final of Croatia against England, Pericic played more in the first half and played a bit in the midfield. But in the second half, when Croatia gradually mastered the initiative on the court, Pericic’s breakthrough and offensive on the side also brought a lot of trouble to England. Whether it is Trippier or Ashley Young, they can’t defend Pericic. In overtime, Pericic also used a very strange header to create a chance for Man Zhukiqi to score the Croatian winning goal.


Midfielder: Bogba (France)

Against the Belgian World Cup semi-final, Bogba and Kanter form a double midfielder, Kanter is responsible for defense, and Bogba is more responsible for the offense. Bogba, who played active on the court, was also the metronome of the team’s offense. He made a midfielder steal from the first half and found Mbapp to show his star skills. In fact, on the defensive end, Bogba also has a good play. In the match with De Blaunet, Bogba also well restricted the play of the Belgian midfielder.

Midfielder: Modric (Croatia)

In the World Cup, Modric is the longest running player, running 63KM in six games, which is a very scary data for such a 33-year-old veteran. In the game against England, Modric led Croatia to slam the counterattack horn in the backward situation. The excellent ball in the midfield also made the boys in the England midfield more exhausted. In the three knockout rounds, Croatia has played 120 minutes, and Modric is also the biggest player in the team.


Midfielder: Azar (Belgium)

Although the Belgian star is a bit nervous in the game against the French team, most of their stars have failed to play their true level. However, Azar’s play is remarkable. In the face of Kanter’s defense, Azar played his own strength, so Kanter is also doing nothing, the way to Azar, Kanter More can only be used in a foul way. As the saying goes, “There is no hurdle to go through, but only Canter can’t go.” However, Azar can pass Kanter, which is enough to illustrate the strength of Azar.

Defender: Varane (France)

In the match against Belgium, Varané performed very well on the defense line and was the most stable player in the French team. In this game, Varan contraposted Lukaku, the defending general from Real Madrid will have a little temper in defending the Belgian striker. In the game, Lukaku is completely invisible, this is with the tile. Raney’s outstanding performance is completely inseparable.


Defender: Umtiti (France)

In the semi-final match with Belgium, Umtiti scored a header in the second half of the corner and helped the team score a worthless goal. It was the biggest contributor to the French team’s advancement. Although on the defensive end, Umtiti has also appeared several times, but fortunately, the Belgian striker Lukaku is in a bad state under Varan’s limit and has not scored. After the semi-final, Umititi also deserved the best player in the game in the scores of the major media after the game.

Defender: Vida (Croatia)

Before the semi-final, Vader posted inappropriate comments on social media, which caused an uproar of public opinion. However, the Croatian side is also very sensible to deal with this matter, they just fired their coaches, this operation is also considered to protect Vida. Of course, Vader did not disappoint all the fans in the game against England. On the back line, Vader showed his style of the iron gate, limiting Harry Kane, Sterling and others. There is no way. At the same time, in the second half, the Croatian scene dominated, Vader also participated in the team’s offensive.


Defender: Trippier (England)

England’s Iron Gate Trippier created a fantastic start for England. In just 5 minutes of the start, Trippier scored a goal for England, allowing the Three Lions to see the finals in 52 years. Hope. It is a pity that the young boys in England seemed to be at a loss when they attacked Croatia in the second half. In any case, Trippier is also the best player in the England team, and he also reached the last moment. When he couldn’t hold on to the game, we saw helplessness in his eyes.

Goalkeeper: Lori (France)

In the match against Belgium, the two sides played relatively conservative in the first half, but in the second half, when the French team scored a goal, Belgium began to launch a general attack, the Belgian offensive group led by Azar and De Braun. Started to attack the French team’s door. For the Belgian attack, the performance of the French door god Lori in this game can only be described by the word “stable”, the hot door god is high to resist the French city gate, especially for De Blaunet. Several very threatening offenses were launched, and Lori’s status is as good as God. It can be said that Lori is the key to the French team without losing the ball.

In these two games, the offensive genius headed by Mbape shines, and the defensive iron gate represented by Lori is as strong as steel, which also makes the Russian semi-final full of wonderful collisions between the spear and the shield. Let us look forward to the last two matchups of this World Cup.


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