April 27: South Korea introduced the slogan “Be the Reds (2002), Reds go (2006), Cry of Victory” in the 2002 World Cup, and by 2018 The World Cup in Russia, they decided to inherit the 2002 World Cup slogan and transform the Red Devils in the end! !




In the 50 days before the World Cup in Russia, the Korean Football Association KFA announced the official slogan of the 2018 World Cup South Korea: “We are the Reds!” It is reported that South Korea launched the 2002 World Cup. Be the slogan of Be the Reds (2002), Reds go (2006), Victory’s shout, “Some series of slogans, they feel that if the slogan made people become members of the Red Devils in 2002, then Now that we are one of them, this slogan means that we will be fueled by our honesty and pride.


Origin of the slogan of the 2018 World Cup in Korea ]

On March 16-18, 2018, the Korean Football Association made public the slogan of the World Cup to fans on its official website and SNS. South Korean fans provided more than 3,600 slogans in total, which shows their enthusiasm and expectations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


The fans who won the slogan competition were Kim Jong Lan. In an interview, he said: “My slogan was inspired by the 2002 South Korea-Japan World Cup slogan “Be the Reds,” because this is probably the most popular for everyone. An unforgettable slogan. In 2002, if the slogan made people become members of the Red Devils, then now we are all one of them. This slogan means that we will cheer on our integrity and pride. “And he will get two World Cup Korea and Sweden match tickets, and round-trip tickets.


The official supporter of the national team RED DEVILS also participated in the selection and design of official slogans. Lee Dong Yee, who is currently chairman of RED DEVILS, said: “It’s very impressive to describe the first letter ‘W’ with one’s hands and shouting. I also like the idea that the ‘red’ ‘R’ is similar to 12 This means that the team’s 12 players thank the fans!”


South Korea used slogan ]

As early as the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, the Korean team put forward – “Be the Reds (2002), Reds go (2006), the shout of victory, a Korean (Shouts of Victory) , One Korea) (2010), Enjoy, Korea (2014).” This series of slogans.


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