On April 25th, Swedish god Ibrahimovic said several times before the media that as long as he wanted to go, he could go. Where to go? Of course it is the 2018 World Cup. However, this statement was recently negated by Swedish coach Anderson.




Ibrahimovic repeatedly stated on the media platform that he would be able to enter the World Cup if he wanted to. This does not, on April 15 also issued: “I have a very high chance of participating in the World Cup (Skyhoga).” And marked the label of the World Cup in Russia. Skyhoga is Swedish, English means sky high, meaning very high.

This means that the Swedish superstar is almost certain to return to the national team and compete in the World Cup.

Ibrahimovic also has many classic quotations, such as the most famous “God’s biggest, I’m second”, “I can play 11 positions on the field, because a good player can play anywhere” and “People are always It is impossible to say that people are legendary before they die, but I am a living legend. Ibrahimovic, who was recently abstruse, is even more astounding in the United States in a talk show. “Nothing in my World Cup will be offensive.”

However, the Swedish manager does not seem to think so.

“Ibrahimovic announced his withdrawal from the national team after the European Championship in 2016. I respect his decision, but I think if you already rejected the national team, why would you come back? I think only those who said to the national team The “OK” player is eligible to play for Sweden.” It seems that the attitude is extremely determined and affirmative.

Sweden’s Shen Feng “Da Feng Xian” Ibrahimovic Rashimovich repeatedly boasted in front of the media. The return of the Swedish national team to the World Cup this year was entirely in accordance with personal wishes, but he was quickly beaten in recent days. Sweden’s coach Andersen said in an interview with the media that Ibrahimovic was not likely to face this year’s World Cup. Ibrahim didn’t know whether Ibrahimovic would lose his face after seeing it.


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