On May 4th, Beijing time, on the 1st of this month, cities across Russia began selling tickets for the 2018 Football World Cup. But there are still fans who said that even if they can not buy tickets for 25 hours, the cattle are really tough! !




Time: May 1 Scene: Rainy Day ]

It is reported that on May 1st in St. Petersburg, Russia, the local area was rainy and wet, and the birds were not wet enough, but it seems that the fans’ enthusiasm remains. As early as April 30th the fans began to line up at the ticket office, a full day ahead of ticket sales.

“I started to line up yesterday, and it’s 53rd at 8pm. People start lining up at 8am. I hope what’s left, go to Moscow, go to Kaliningrad, wherever I go. No tickets were seized on the site, so now is the last chance.” It was the fans Alexander Gyler, obviously he had been criticized for being fussy, as long as he had to go anywhere.

Unfortunately for the fans Sergei Punktowov, according to him, he did not buy the tickets he wanted for 25 hours.


The reason why a ticket is difficult to get ]

Why are you still unable to buy the 2018 World Cup tickets you want? There are probably two reasons for the official analysis.

One: There are too many people asking for votes. There are only so many tickets, and the votes can be obtained from all over the country. It is not limited to Russia, including the fans of the countries that come here to play. Just look at the trend of online sales of the 2018 World Cup. You can see just how much this product is in the end.

Two: The cattle are strong and the fans can’t hold back.

According to the report, many people queuing for tickets complained about too many cattle and the Internet was flooded with information on high prices. Many service agencies monopolized tickets and now sell one ticket to 25,000 roubles (about 392 US dollars). Some fans saw this situation and began to feel that it was more difficult to get a hand than to be sure, so they decided what to buy on the FIFA website.

The Cattle are so tough that the tickets to the 2018 World Cup are hard to find, and even the fans can only retreat for second place. They can’t buy what they want and where they are. How do you feel a bit like the phrase “Where’s not going to be?”

Armirano, an Argentine college student who studied in Moscow, said that in order to buy tickets for the World Cup, he changed his ticket for the day to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He said: “I know that the rest of the votes are not enough. I don’t necessarily see Argentina. I don’t know if I have the opportunity to watch the football World Cup in a place close by, but for the sake of this direct ticket purchase. Opportunity, I will definitely line up today until the ticket ends.”

This phenomenon is also very helpless.


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