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In the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018, finals, four people disguised as security guards rushed into the stadium that was playing, interrupting a counterattack that Croatia had just launched.

I am talking about four people, not four fans, because they really have nothing to do with the fans. Almost at the same time as this crazy behavior occurred, the Russian women’s punk band “riot cat” (formerly known as the indecent, so the following use Chinese translation) announced on the social media responsible for this matter.

If you search for the name of the riot kitten, you will basically see the message: They are a women’s punk band founded in August 2011. The members include about 12 performers and 15 support teams. The feature is that the show is basically wearing brightly colored dresses and wool hoods. The main active locations are video sites, subway stations, parking lots and occasionally some famous public attractions.

However, if you think that they are just a simple ticketing group, it is a big mistake. In fact, both the lyrics they sing and the performance art of the performances have extremely extreme subjective emotions and even political appeals. The content they want to express has long surpassed the rebellious spirit represented by punk music.

In the words of the founders, they are “part of the global anti-capitalist movement, anarchism, feminism, anti-gay discrimination and autonomy.”


Seeing these nouns, you can probably imagine how much controversy they have.

The main founding members of the riot kitten, Tolokoniko and Samutsevic, and the former husband were once members of the anarchist organization Voina (meaning “war”). This organization once had the madness of firing a police car and depicting huge pornographic patterns on the suspension bridge at the door of the Russian National Security Bureau. To Lokonkova himself, there have been mad actions in a museum in Moscow that exposed the body and performed unsimple behaviors, allegedly to “show the status quo of the people suffering from government abuse.”

In 2011, they became independent from Voina and sang the first single “Killing Sex Discrimination” at a music gathering, thus becoming the current riot kitten.

With Putin’s announcement of his candidacy for the Russian president, the target of violent kitten sniping quickly expanded from gender discrimination and homosexual discrimination to the political level. They began to use their singing and performance art to promote their anarchism in public places, from the initial street to the Red Square.

The “church hooligan case” on February 21, 2012 became the fuse for riot kittens to attract public opinion in Europe and the United States.


[“Church rogue case”]

On the day, members of the five riot kittens walked into the famous Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow, the Cathedral of the Savior, taking off the thick winter clothes and wearing the iconic headgear, and climbed the altar to start the “performance.” The lyrics of “performance” basically revolve around criticizing Putin, criticizing the Orthodox support for Putin, criticizing the government’s ban on gay parades, and making the Virgin Mary a feminist. Of course, the wording is certainly not “criticized” so civilized.

A minute later, they were told by the security guards who came out of the church. However, this short performance was produced by a companion and published on the Internet, named “Punk Pray.”

You can imagine how angry the Russian authorities are about this matter.

Ten days later, the core members of the rioting kittens, Tolokonnikova, Alekhinna and Samutsevich, were arrested. In June 2012, the prosecutor formally filed a lawsuit against three of them, with more than 2,800 pages in indictment. On August 17, the final result was released. Troconnikova and others were sentenced to two years in prison for disturbing public order, offending religious believers and hooliganism.

This result immediately attracted great attention from the international community, especially the European and American entertainment circles. From Madonna to Green Day, from New Yorker to The Daily Mail, and even various government or non-government structures including the Canadian Foreign Ministry and the US State Department, “this behavior is inappropriate, but the Russian side is too Heavy voice.

However, this matter has different views among the Russian people. According to a survey conducted by the famous polling center Levada Center, only 6% of people sympathize with riot kittens, and more than 80% believe they are “objectionable and must be punished”.

However, along with the United States, Bulgaria, Britain, Serbia, Germany and other places, there have been demonstrations supporting the members of the rioting kittens. There are also Russian supporters who stand up and go to church demonstrations, and even the extreme behavior of cutting down the cross.

Therefore, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called for their early release, and Putin also expressed his willingness and authorities to study how to deal with this issue. In December 2013, the State Duma approved an order to pardon all kinds of prison sentences for non-violent crimes and to have children to raise female prisoners. Troconnikova and others were released from prison in advance.

After going through this jail, do you think they will be low-key?

The answer is naturally no.


[The Winter Olympics, they have tossed over]

Just a few days after the release, they were detained in Sochi for 10 hours. The police said they intend to continue to promote extremist views in the city that will host the Winter Olympics and call on the international community to boycott the Winter Olympics. But the band members said that they were arrested inexplicably just for a walk.

When the Sochi Winter Olympics really opened as scheduled, the violent kittens came again. On February 19, 2014, they came to a square near the Olympic Park. They stood on the billboard of the Sochi Winter Olympics and began to sing anti-Putin songs. However, they were attacked by several men wearing traditional Cossack hats.

The band members said that the attackers were security personnel who maintained the order of the Winter Olympics, but the police who received the alarm asked the witnesses at the scene and did not arrest anyone.

This incident once again brought a sensational effect on the Russian network. Police spokespersons, local governors, and Russian politicians all expressed their views in advance. Some people think that they have been treated unfairly, and others say that they are completely “living.”

Now, do you know why they dared to break into the World Cup finals?


[Why did you enter the World Cup? 

Knowing why “Dare”, the next question is why “Yes.”

The statement that the riot kitten published on social media is as follows:

“It’s been 11 years since the death of the great Russian poet Dmitry Prygoff (also a famous dissident). Prygov has created the concept of a heavenly policeman. The heavenly police are willing to talk to God personally. Two-way, secular police will only disperse the assembly. The police in the sky are the organizers of this beautiful World Cup gathering, but the worldly police are afraid of people’s celebration. The World Cup makes us believe in the future of the Russian police, but the secular police are destroying us. world.”


However, this “sudden intrusion” of them (including a male support person) has destroyed the world of football. Croatia should have had a good counterattack opportunity, but the game had to be forced to stop because of this accident. Even if they have their own insistence on stretching, even if they are not afraid of Putin in the stands, this kind of behavior is doomed to receive real support.

At this point, Lovren has given the answer to people who love football all over the world.

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