Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 18, France in response to the trend of the timely launch of the Russian World Cup 23 people’s big name list, this big list led by Grizman, Pogba and others, all played for the European five league stars, before The game is star-studded, and the transfer fee and the value of many players in the frontcourt have reached 100 million yuan. However, there are fans who feel that the defeated French stars can also form a lineup that is enough to reach the top 8 of the World Cup. Too happy is also annoyance.




Judging from the list of the 23 World Cups in Russia launched by France, the current World Cup roster is very powerful, led by Grizman, Pogba and others. Those players who have lost the election are casually assembled into a team. It is said that they entered the top 8 The possibility is also great.

France, Russia, World Cup defeated the NPC list :

(Series 433) Costil/Digne, Laporte, Sacco, Debusch/Rabiot, Sissoko, Payer/Margarl, Lacazette, Coleman.

The goalkeeper will be handed over to Bordeaux’s Costil and Lafon. The left side of the defense is Barcelona’s left-guard Digne, and the right is De Bourghé-Saint-Etienne, who has already played on the return to the Ligue. The middle road is Manchester City center Laporte and Crystal Palace Zhongwei Sako. Chelsea’s rented Zuma is also strong; the field consists of Marseille core Payer, Grand Paris main Rabit and Tottenham midfielder Mussa Socco. Rabiot has always been a frequent guest of the French team. This time I do not know why I was pushed out of the list. There are alternates from Kondobia, Bakayoko, and Las Diarra. In the frontcourt, there are two young wingers Marshall and Coleman, together with Lacazette’s combination. The backups of the center position include Benjeder, Benzema, and Gamelo.

Like such a strong lineup, if one group is formed, I really do not expect that even if they are defeated, that one is also very powerful. The feeling of coach Deschamps in the selection of the French Grand List should also be a real injury, too happy is also annoyance.


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