March 5th Sports News 2018 Russia World Cup 1/8 finals ushered in the focus of the battle, France on June 30th against Argentina. This will be the 12th confrontation between the two teams in history. Argentina has 6 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. The two teams have played in the first 11 games and the Argentine team has 8 times. The two teams had previously played against the World Cup twice, Argentina maintained a complete victory, Argentina in the 1930 group stage, Argentina beat Monti’s goal 1 to 0; 1978 group stage, Argentina 2-1 defeated France, Passa Leila shot, Platini equalized, Luke’s 73 minutes of lore. The French team has been unbeaten in the South American team in the last 40 years in the World Cup. The coach Dechen ushered in the 80th game of the national team and became the coach of the French team with the most history.


In this game, Mbape became the most brilliant star on the court. In the 11th minute, Mbapp attacked the point, Griezman made a penalty, Di Maria and Mercado scored consecutive goals, Argentina once overtake, but Pawar’s long-range equalization, and Mbape in 5 minutes Mei opened twice, although Aguero took time to pick up Messi to help pull back a city, but Argentina still lost 3-4 to France, stop the top 16. France also successfully advanced to the quarterfinals, they will compete with Uruguay in the quarter-finals (Uruguay 2-1 victory over Portugal).


Team lineup

  France (4231): 1-Lory; 2- Pawar, 4-Valaner, 5-Umtiti, 21-Lucas-Hernandez; 6-Bogba, 13-Kant 10-Mbabe (88 minutes 20-towan), 7-Gritzman (83 minutes 18-Ferkel), 14-Matudi (75 minutes 12-Tolixo); 9-Giru

  Argentina (433): 12-Almany; 2-Mercado, 17-Otamendi, 16-Rojo (46 minutes 6-Fazio), 3-Taliafico; 7-bar Nega, 14-Mascherano, 15-Perez (66 minutes 19-Aguero); 22-Paven (75 minutes 13-Mesa), 10-Messi, 11-Dimalia

  Game score playback


France 4-3 Argentine Griezman penalty.jpg

  In the 11th minute, the French team counterattacked. Mba wore the ball for a long distance and tens of meters. On the right side of the penalty area, Rohora fell, the yellow card added a penalty, Griezman took the penalty, and the left foot shot the middle of the goal, 1-0. This is the 22nd goal of the Griezmann national team

In the 41st minute, Argentina’s left sideline ball, Banega cross, Di Maria’s right foot stop, see no one forced to grab, directly left foot shot, the ball directly to the right corner of the goal, 1 to 1. This is the 20th goal scored by the Angels in the 97th game.

In the 48th minute, the free kick on the front line of the left side of Argentina’s left side, Banega hoisted the ball to the center of the penalty area. The defender of the penalty area was not far from the goal. Messi stopped the ball on the edge of the restricted area and turned his left foot. The ball was shot in front of the door. Cardo first gear changed into a backward direction and flew into the net nest, 2 to 1, Argentina overtakes the score. This is the fourth goal of Mercado’s 23 national team events.

 In the 57th minute, Matuidi passed straight, Luca Hernandez passed to the left and Pawar was plugged in. The right foot was volleyed near the penalty line and the outer arc was pulled out. The ball flew over Almani’s fingertips into the net, 2 to 2, Pavar won the national team career ball.

 In the 64th minute, Bogba scored a goal, Hernandez’s bottom line was passed, and Matuidi’s front-line push was blocked. Mbape scored the ball on the left side of the penalty area and led a defensive player. Small angle low shot, 3 to 2. This is the sixth goal of the Mbabe national team.

In the 68th minute, France started playing classic teamwork from Lori, and Matuidi’s midfielder scored. The front edge of Jilu’s arc was straight, and Mbapp’s right side was inserted in front, forming a single-handed posture, and the right foot pushed the far corner. Got it, 4 to 2. This is the 7th goal of his national team career, the second time scored twice.

In the 93rd minute, Argentina pulled back a point, Di Maria returned to the right, Messi sent a slash on the inside of the foot, Aguero’s small forefront in the forefront of the goal, 4 to 3. After the match, France won 4 to 3 and headed to the quarterfinals.


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