WELLSPORTS News July 16th, 2018 Russia World Cup ushered in the final matchup,


Gaul Rooster France will play against the Lattice Legion in Croatia. The two teams have a history of 5 encounters, France’s 3 wins and 2 draws remain unbeaten, but the last two confrontations, the two teams were 2 to 2 and 0 to 0 draw. The first confrontation between the two teams took place in the World Cup knockout stage. It was the semi-final of 1998. Although Suk opened the first record for Croatia,

the French team relied on the defender Thurlam to score twice and eventually reversed by 2-1. France advanced to the knockout stage as Group C. The knockout rounds were all 90 minutes to resolve the battle. The winning streak was Portugal, Uruguay and Belgium. This is the third time in the history of the team; Croatia is the first place in Group D, and all three knockouts have passed. In overtime, the penalty shootout eliminated Denmark and Russia, and the semi-final eliminated England 2-1. The history reached the final for the first time.


The game became a two-team matchup. In the 17th minute OF WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018, Gleizman free kicker Man Zhukiqi headed the ball to send Oolong, France 1-0 lead. In the 27th minute, Pericic’s left foot blasted to equalize, Croatia 1-1 France. In the 34th minute, the referee watched the video playback penalty kick, Gleizman scored a goal, France 2-1 lead. In the 59th minute, Bogba shot to expand the lead, the 65th point, Mbape shot low, France 4-1 lead. 69th, low-level mistakes in front of Lori, Man Zhujiqi steals the empty door, Croatia 2-4 behind. Since then, the two teams have no achievements, and France also beat Croatia 4-2, after a lapse of 20 years, the history of the second World Cup crown! And Croatia also achieved the best World Cup record in team history!


List of two teams

Croatia (4231): 21-Subaicchi; 2-Fusalico, 6-Lovron, 21-Vida, 3-Strinic (81 minutes 20-Piacha); 11-Brozovi Odd, 7-Rakitic; 18-Rebich (71-minute 9-Kramatic), 10-Modric, 4-Perisic; 17-Manjukizi


France (4231): 1-Lory; 2- Pawar, 4-Varane, 5-Umtiti, 21-Hernandez; 13-Kant (55 minutes 15-Nzonzzi), 6-Bogba; 10-Mbape, 7-Gritzman, 14-Matudi (73 minutes 12-Tolixo); 9-Giru (81 minutes 18-Ferkel)


Game score playback

In the 17th minute, Brozovic put Gryzman on the right side of the forefront of the restricted area and gave the French team a free kick. The left arc of the grid was introduced into the restricted area. Vala was inserted into the front of the small restricted area, but did not touch. To the ball, the ball is backed by Man Zhukiqi in front of him and put the ball into his own door, 1-0! France leads! Let them lead the 12th goal of this World Cup.

In the 27th minute, Kanter pushed Pelicic behind and got a yellow card. In the free kick in the middle of Croatia, Modric hoisted the ball to the far end of the penalty area. The two sides continually competed for the top. Pericic stopped the ball at the edge of the penalty area and the left foot blasted the ball to the bottom right corner. More than 1! This is the third goal of Pericic this World Cup. This is the 11th goal of his 4th Intercontinental Competition, surpassing the legendary striker Dvor-Suk and becoming the first person in the history of the Croatian team.


In the 34th minute, Griezman sent a right-handed corner to the penalty area. Matuyidi headed the ball and the ball was blocked by the Croatian player. The French team complained to Pericic. After hearing the advice of the video referee group, the referee ran to the side to watch the replay.

After returning to the court, Pittana awarded the French team a penalty. Gritzman took the penalty and left the left foot to send the ball to the left side of the goal, 2 to 1! Su Bazchi judged the wrong direction, the French team once again lead . This is the fourth goal of Grinzmann this season’s World Cup.

In the first half, Croatia’s possession rate exceeded 60%, and the shot was 7 to 1 excellent, but the score was 1-2 behind.


In the 59th minute of the easy side battle, Bogba went straight to the backcourt. Mbape made a right-hander into the penalty area and went back to the triangle. Gritzman backed up and volleyed. Bogba shot right in front of the restricted area. The ball was blocked by the defender, the left foot added another foot, the ball flew to the left of the goal, Su Brazil did not respond, 3 to 1!


In the 65th minute, France counterattacked, Matuidi midfielder broke the ball, Gritzman back, after the midfielder’s short pass, Hernandez made a breakthrough on the left side of the road and crossed the front of the arc. Bape’s left foot low shot sent the ball to the bottom left corner of the goal. This is his 4th goal in the World Cup. It is also the second player under the age of 20 after the Pele in 1958. Into a 4 to 1! nailed on the board.


In the 69th minute, Um Titi returned to Lori, Man Zhujiqi rushed into the penalty area to enforce the robbery, Lori wanted to pass the ball over Manju, but the ball was pushed by Manju with his right foot, 2 to 4! Croatia pulled back One goal! Manju also scored the third goal of the tournament.

Since then, the two teams have no achievements, and the completion of the game in 5 minutes, the end of the game, the French team after 20 years, the second time in history to win the World Cup! And Croatia also won the best World Cup record in team history!


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