WELLSPORTS News July 11th, 2018 Russia World Cup semi-final officially started, France played against Belgium in the early hours of the morning.

The two teams have fought 73 times in history, and France has 24 wins, 19 draws and 30 losses, but France has maintained a full victory against Belgium in the World Cup. The two teams had played against the World Cup twice before. In 1938, the World Cup France defeated Belgium 3-1, and in 1986 the World Cup France defeated Belgium 4-2.


In the previous WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 game , the French team won the first place in the group match 2 wins and 1 draw, the 1/8 final 4-3 eliminated the Argentina team, the quarter-finals 2-0 eliminated the Uruguay team. The Belgian team won the first round and won the first place. The 1/8 finals eliminated the Japanese team 3-2, and the quarter-finals 2-1 eliminated the favourite Brazilian team.

In the end, the French team took advantage of a corner kick in the second half. Umititi scored the first goal and eventually eliminated the Belgian team 1-0 and took the lead in the final. Their opponent will be the winner between England and Croatia.


Team lineup

France (4231): 1-Lory/2-Paval, 4-Valaner, 5-Umtiti, 21-Lucas-Hernandes/13-Kant, 6-Bogba /10-Mbape, 7-Grizman, 14-Matudi (86’12-Tolixo)/9-Giru (84’15-Enzongqi)


Belgium (352): 1 – Kurtova / 4-Conpani, 2-Alder Verrell, 5-Fertongen/7-De Braune, 8-Ferene (80’11 – Carrasco), 6-Wittser, 19-Demele (60’14-Mertens), 22-Chadley/9-Lukacu, 10-Azar


Game playback

In the 11th minute, the French team hit the Belgian team restricted area, Mbape did not score a goal in front of the goal but chose to pass to the teammates, and was rescued by the French team defender. In the 13th minute, Bogba passed the bicycle and passed Mbapp. The latter used the speed to open the two defenders to form a single knife. Kurtova swooped the ball before him. In the 15th minute, Azar received a pass from De Braun into the penalty area, turned to the left foot to hit the door, and the ball flew out against the far post.

In the 18th minute, Matuidi shot a cold shot in front of the penalty area and tested Kurtova.

After 1 minute, Azar took the ball to the restricted area on the left and volleyed his right foot. It was topped by Varaner and raised the crossbar. The subsequent corner kicked into the penalty area, Fellaini stopped, Alde Verrell turned and hit the door directly, the ball was shot by Lori to the bottom line. The French team is in front of the wind!

In the 31st minute, Gleizman opened a free kick in front of the penalty area and crossed it to Pawar. The latter passed the penalty area. Giroud headed the ball and was slightly wide. In the 34th minute, Gretzman made a direct pass in the frontcourt. Mbappe hit the ball on the right side of the restricted area and hit the middle of the road. Giroud shot at the back of the empty door and missed it. In the 36th minute, the French team intercepted the backcourt. Gleizman took the ball and drove straight in. He came to the penalty area and hit the door without threat.

In the 45th minute, Bogba was fouled in front of the penalty area and won a free kick for the French team. Gleizman’s shot hit the wall and his pass passed the bottom line. In the 46th minute, De Blaunet made a 45-degree cross from the right, and Umtiti missed the front. Lukaku didn’t think that the ball hit him on the bottom line. In the first half, the two sides temporarily became 0-0.


In the second half, the two sides fought side by side. In the 47th minute, Wittsel made a 45-degree cross from the right, and Lukaku’s header was high in the restricted area. In the 51st minute, Matuidi passed the left side of the penalty area and crossed it to Giroud. The latter’s shot was blocked from the bottom line. Then Gleizman opened the right corner, Umiti took the header before Fellaini and the French team led the Belgian team 1-0!

In the 56th minute, the French team made a comeback, attacking along the left road, Matuidi passed the ball, Mbappe pulled the right foot in front of the restricted area, and the left foot followed by the second pass. Giroud took the ball in front of the restricted area and faced the goalkeeper. Block out.

After falling behind, the Belgian team chose to change, and Mertens went on to replace Dembele. In the 63rd minute, the French team counterattacked, and Azar was forced to lay down Matuyidi and ate the first yellow card in the game. In the 65th minute, Mertens passed a 45-degree pass from the right, and Fellaini scored a header from Bogba in the penalty area. The ball was slightly wide. In the 80th minute, the Belgian team continued to change. Carrasco from the Dalian side came off the bench and replaced Fellaini. In the 85th minute, the French team replaced the Jilu with Enzong and strengthened the defense.

After that, the Belgian team dispatched troops to force the ball to attack the French team, but still failed to equalize the score. In the end, the French team 1-0 eliminated the Belgian team and took the lead in getting to the final. They will wait for the winner between England and Croatia.


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