On May 31, Beijing time, Salah collided with Emperor Maramos while playing for Real Madrid and was injured and replaced. Fortunately, after checking by the Spanish medical team, it was confirmed that Salah could play in the World Cup in Russia but he was doubtful.




The UEFA Champions League final in Real Madrid almost ruined Salahs dream of running the World Cup in Russia. He cried on the spot, and it was understood that his people reacted. Salah was a person who did not complain easily. On that day, he was different from the past. Maybe it is a worry. Maybe it really hurts.

  A reporter yesterday photographed him arriving at the Valencia airport in Spain and followed three questions.

“Are you ready for the World Cup?”

  “Do you think Ramos was intentionally hurting you in the Champions League final?”

  “Will you work for Real Madrid next season?”

  But Salah left in a hurry and did not reply.


  The perplexing problem was finally put down today. According to the confirmation of the Egyptian Football Association, Salahs expected injury will not exceed three weeks. Salah confirmed that he will play in the World Cup.

  The Egyptian Football Association formally reported on the situation in Salah: “After meeting with a medical team from Spain today, we reiterate that Salah will appear in the World Cup. Allah is blessed and his absence time will not exceed three weeks. .”

  In this World Cup, Egypt and host Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay are in a group. On June 16th, Beijing time, Egypt will usher in the first opponent of the World Cup – Uruguay. Whether Salah can play in the first round is yet to be seen. .

  Come on, Salah, you can.


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