On March 19th, Beijing time, the news was well known that China had always wanted to bid for the World Cup. However, due to the problems of its own football culture and national football strength and internationally intricate relations, it is indeed difficult for China to practice this idea. However, in recent days, FIFA has made a major reform, this reform will be very good for China to host the World Cup.

China has always wanted to host the World Cup, but since a continent has to host a World Cup for at least 20 years or more, and the 2002 World Cup is held in South Korea, there are also problems between the strength and heritage of Chinese football and various international Intricate networks, in short, it is very difficult for China to host the World Cup in recent years. However, the FIFA’s decision to start expansion from 2026 will be very conducive to China’s hosting of the World Cup.


Prior to this, FIFA President Vaticino announced that he would expand from the 2026 World Cup. After the expansion, Asia has won 8.5 more places. The outside world also interprets this as FIFA is showing good to Chinese football. After all, judging from the strength of the Chinese team in the next few years, it is still very difficult to continue to secure a place in 4.5 places.


Today, FIFA once again carries out major reforms. FIFA has officially confirmed on the official website that in the course of hosting the World Cup in 2026, all member states of FIFA will participate in public voting (except for the host country), and the country that has obtained the most votes will become the final host. At present, only Morocco and the United States (the three countries of the United States, Mexico, and Mexico) have submitted bids for the 2026 World Cup. Not surprisingly, the final host country will be created in these two countries.


The Chinese Football Association has already included the bid for the World Cup in the plan. As a result, as long as the Chinese Football Association proposes a bid to use the former Zhang Jilong’s personal relations with FIFA, plus the friendly relations established between China and African countries. Even if the Chinese team has competitors, it will be able to support the majority of Asian and African countries. By then, the Chinese Football Association will go under public relations and it will be easy to win in the voting. For this adjustment, netizens also stated that FIFA is throwing olives to the Football Association.


Whether China can apply for the right to host the World Cup in recent sessions will not be obvious. However, the 2026 World Cup begins its expansion. This FIFA new initiative will at least increase the chance of China’s national football entering the World Cup.



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