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there is only half a month left before the opening of the Premier League in the new season. How big is the impact of the World Cup in this competition year? The Guardian columnist Paul Wilson conducted statistics and analysis.

During the World Cup, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether this summer’s football match is likely to be too much, and when the Premier League kicks off next month, such problems seem to be asked again and again. It is.

In the eyes of some people, the young players in the league are in good shape, and playing a few more games before the start of the season will not have any huge impact on them. However, such assertions ignore the mental stress and physical burden that players face in participating in high-level events. The obvious fact is that those players who have not completed the summer break will always pay a higher price in the next season.

At least those players who participated in the World Cup knockout stage will find that their club’s pre-season preparation plan has been disrupted. Mourinho has complained about the inability of players to attend pre-season training.

We are referring to the physical reserve training that is being carried out on the training grounds of each team. They are also training in terms of technical and tactical arrangements and player characteristics. These preparations are all for the players to be as The new season is dedicated to better performance. However, many players who participated in the World Cup are on vacation.

In general, the minimum length of acceptable vacation is three weeks, which is good for those players whose national team was eliminated in June, but for those who participated in the knockout, especially in seven games. The players who ended the national team mission in mid-July, the time was a bit nervous.

From the end of the World Cup to the opening of the Premier League only four weeks, because the Premier League will advance the opening time to Friday, the time may be even more tense.

Manchester United and Leicester City will be the first two teams to start the new season, and coincidentally, both teams have players who have performed well in the Russian World Cup. Manchester United had 11 players in the World Cup in Russia, including Bogba, who went all the way to the final. The Red Devils’ total playing time in the World Cup was 4,230 minutes. In Leicester City, there are 10 players participating in the World Cup. The most long time is Ma Quar, 700 minutes. The total time of the Blue Fox team in the World Cup is 2371 minutes.

So what is the difference between the Old Trafford Stadium on the first Friday of the Premier League opening? Probably not. The difference is not so obvious, but as the season progresses, the differences may gradually emerge.

For example, Bournemouth and Fulham have no players to participate in the World Cup. Both teams have a whole summer time to rest and adjust, and Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Burnley and Newcastle have no influence. Big, they also have only one or two players to participate in this World Cup.

Everton is not under a lot of pressure in this area. In the 1324 minutes of the team’s cumulative appearance, more than half of the time came from England’s main goalkeeper Pikford. The goalkeeper is also the longest Premier League player in the World Cup this summer. He participated in every game of the team and twice entered the overtime. The closest player to Pickford is Lovren, the Liverpool defender not only participated in the finals, but also played more extra time, but due to the rotation in the final round of the group match against Iceland, he The playing time is 706 minutes.

On the one hand, there is a team that has no players selected for the national team and is in a good preparation. On the other side is a team full of players who participate in the World Cup and may be fatigued. If the fans choose from them, most people will still The latter is supported, and their choices may be correct.

In the first few weeks of the new season and even the first few months, there will be a final conclusion. Kane’s exhaustion in Russia has even caused some people to worry that he can’t end his World Cup trip normally, but such a player would have had a slower habit at the beginning of the season, which is the most Worried about it.

Trippier has an outstanding performance in the World Cup. After returning to the club, I can imagine that people’s expectations for him will be higher than ever. He will not only receive extra attention and “care” from the opponent, but also try to start from the season. It shows a higher level.

In the Hotspur team, the team has the main goalkeeper of the French team and a group of Belgian and England core players, so in the World Cup for the impact of the team, despite the total playing time of the Spurs team in the World Cup ( 5202 minutes) is less than Manchester City (5636 minutes), but Pochettino is more worried than most coaches.

Although 16 players from Manchester City participated in the World Cup, the playing time of Stones (697 minutes), De Braune (578 minutes) and Walker (535 minutes) explained the team to some extent. The difference in Tottenham. Another point is easy to explain, except for the German team, most Premier League clubs will not ignore the existence of Sane.

In fact, at the World Cup in Russia, Manchester City is the best club for players other than Real Madrid. Although they have not been able to prove themselves further in the Champions League, their dominance in the Premier League is self-evident.

Manchester City can not only set up a World Cup team with five substitutes, but such an expected team will not have a discount on the chance of hitting the championship trophy.


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