On May 23, Beijing time, the term homosexuality seems to be very common nowadays. However, if it is put in Russia, it will be a bit embarrassing for Russia to host the World Cup. There are various anti-gay extreme fans there. However, the European Football Anti-Discrimination Organization recently stated that it has reached an agreement with the Russian local government to maintain the homosexual rainbow flag within a certain range.



It is reported that the attitude toward homosexuality in Russia is not very friendly. In 2013, it had passed anti-gay laws. In particular, homosexuals in Chechnya are even more violent. In 2017, more than 100 men were violently attacked by homosexuals, and at least three of them died. Many foreign gay fans are afraid to go to Russia to watch the World Cup.

Fortunately for this phenomenon, the Russian World Cup Organizing Committee has promised that at least during the World Cup, it will not discriminate against homosexuality, nor will it prohibit fans from using rainbow flags that represent homosexuality. Therefore, the rainbow flag represented by the gay fans can still hang in Russia this summer, but be careful not to be too swaggering.


Aleksei Smerkin, former star of Russia’s World Cup ambassador, said, “You can kiss anyone you like and embrace each other within the normal range.

“Piala Powell, head of the anti-discrimination organization of European football, also said:” We have received a strong guarantee from the World Cup Organizing Committee that people’s security inside and outside the stadium will be guaranteed. However, in view of past history, we will treat these guarantees with caution. “”

Although the local government will guarantee the personal safety of homosexuals within a certain range, it is recommended not to have intimate actions in public during the World Cup in Russia, otherwise it may still be attacked by local extreme fans.


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