March 5th Sports News 2018 Russia World Cup 1/8 finals ushered in the final matchup, England against Colombia in the early morning of July 4. There have been two confrontations in the history of the two teams. England defeated Colombia 2-0 in the 1998 World Cup group match in France. In the 2005 friendly match, England won 3-2 again. In the group match of this World Cup, Colombia first lost 1-2 to Japan, followed by a 3-0 victory over Poland, and finally defeated Senegal 1-0. In the end, Colombia scored 6 points with two wins and one loss. England first defeated Tunisia 2-1, then 6-1 victory over Panama, and finally 0-1 lost to Belgium. In the end, the three lions had two wins and one loss and accumulated 6 points, and the G group was the second to advance to the top 16.


In the first half of the game, both teams failed to score. In the second half, Carlos Sanchez sent a penalty to Kane in the penalty area. Kane scored a penalty kick and Mina took advantage of the corner kick to equalize the score. Both teams failed to score in overtime and the game was dragged into a penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout, Henderson and Uribe scored a penalty, Baka’s penalty was saved by Pickford, Dell beat the penalty, England finally scored 5-4 to advance to the top 8. They will play against Sweden in the quarter-finals, which beat Switzerland 1-0.

List of two teams

  Colombia (433): 1-Ospina/4-Arias, 13-Mina, 23-Davidson-Sanchez, 17-Moshika/5-Barrios, 6-Carlos-Sanchez (78′ 15-Uribe), 16-Lerma (62’7-Baka)/11-Quadrado, 9-Falco, 20-Gentero (88’14-Murier)

  England (352): 1-Picford/2-Walker (113’19-Rushford), 5-Stones, 6-Maguire/12-Tripil, 20-Ali (80′ 4-Dell), 8-Henderson, 7-Lingard, 18-Ashleyan (102’3- Ross)/9-Kane, 10-Strell (88’11-Valdi)


Game playback

  In the 6th minute, Ashley’s free kick in the frontcourt was saved by Ospina, and Tripper took the ball and shot it to the bottom line. In the 13th minute, Sterling’s foot attack outside the restricted area was blocked. In the 16th minute, Lingard went straight to the right, and Trippier inserted the ball and Kane headed the ball.

  In the 22nd minute, Quadra’s volley shot from outside the penalty area was blocked, and Mohika took the ball and shot it. In the 26th minute, Ashley Young passed the free kick and the ball was pushed out of the bottom line. In the 30th minute, Sterling cut to the top of the arc and the foot was blocked.

  In the 40th minute, England’s free kick in the frontcourt, Barrios hit Henderson with a head in the row, and was later warned by the referee; Trippier took the free kick and directly attacked the goal, out of the bottom line. In the 45th minute, Pickford scored a long pass and the two teams fought. Lingard knocked back. Kane adjusted his foot and lowered his shot to the bottom. In the stoppage time, Gentero’s long-range attack was confiscated by Ospina.

In the second half, the two teams fought side by side. In the 52nd minute, Kane’s frontcourt battle was knocked down by Arias from behind, and the latter received a yellow card. Ashley Young was caught in the ball in the frontcourt and was cleared by the header. In the corner of England, Kane was knocked down by Carlos Sanchez in the penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty and gave Carlos Sanchez a yellow card. The Colombian players were dissatisfied with the referee, but the referee maintained the original verdict. The two teams had a dispute, and Henderson had Mina on his head, so he received a yellow card. Kane took a penalty kick and England scored in the game for nearly 57 minutes, temporarily leading Colombia 1-0.

  In the 62nd minute, Henderson passed the ball and Ali headed the ball. In the 63rd minute, Falcao was dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty and was given a yellow card warning. In the 64th minute, Baka put down Walker and received a yellow card. In the 69th minute, Lingard stumbled over Sanchez and was given a yellow card warning. In the 72nd minute, Sterling went straight, Lingard crossed the bottom line; England corner kicked, Maguire headed the ball to the top.

  In the 81st minute, after the Baka midfielder broke the ball and advanced to the top of the arc, Quadlado made a slight adjustment and volleyed the goal. In the 84th minute, Trippier made a free kick in the frontcourt and Maguire headed the ball. In the 85th minute, Moshika passed the ball on the left and after Falcao nodded the ball and missed the bottom line. In the 87th minute, Falcao shot low and scored too badly and was confiscated by Pickford.

 In the 3rd minute of the stoppage time, Uribe’s long-range shot from outside the penalty area was saved by Pikford. In the cross of the ball, Mina headed the ball and the ball hit the goal. The score was in the score. At the end of the game, it was tied to 1-1.

  The first half of overtime. In the 96th minute, Mohika passed the ball to the restricted area to find Baka, and Pickford got the ball first. In the 97th minute, Colombia broke the right side of the England team and then attacked the sideline. Arias slammed the door and Barker hit the ball, but the referee indicated that the goal was invalid because the England team handled the sideline. Two footballs were thrown into the field. In the 101st minute, Quadra scored a corner and Mina headed the ball slightly. In the 103rd minute, Mohika passed the ball on the left, and Falcon, who was in the middle of the road, missed the baseline.

  The second half of overtime. In the 106th minute, Henderson went straight to the restricted area, and Valdi’s low-shooting goal was confiscated by Ospina, while the lineman also raised the flag to indicate that Valdi was offside. In the 112th minute, Rose’s small angle push shot missed the far end of the goal. The two teams failed to score in overtime and the game entered a penalty shootout.

  Penalty war game replay

  In the first round, both Falcao and Kane scored a penalty, with a total score of 2-2;

  In the second round, Quadrado and Rushford also penalized penalty kicks, 3-3;

In the third round, Muriel penalized the penalty, and Henderson’s penalty was saved by Ospina, 4-3;

  In the fourth round, Uribe hit the ball and hit the crossbar, and Tripper broke the goal to equalize the score again, 4-4;

In the fifth round, Baka’s penalty was saved by Pickford, and Dell scored a penalty kick! England eventually defeated Colombia with a score of 5-4.

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