WELLSPORTS News July 5th, the 2018 Russia World Cup 1/8 finals all ended, and the list of the top eight and the schedule also came out.


In the end, Uruguay, France, Brazil, Belgium; Russia, Croatia, Sweden, England advanced to the top eight. England will meet with the arch-rival Sweden in the quarter-finals, and they will compete for the semi-finals at 22:00 on July 7. Can the England complete the counterattack in this battle of the enemy? Can Sweden win a strong enemy again? Can Kane score again to defend the scorer list?


World Cup quarter-finals list quarter-final live broadcast

In the first half of the 1/8 final of WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 , Uruguay defeated Portugal 2-1, France beat Argentina 4-3; Brazil 2-0 defeated Mexico and Belgium 3-2 defeated Japan. In the second half of the matchup, Russia’s upset defeated Spain 5-4, Croatia 4-3 defeated Denmark; Sweden beat Switzerland 1-0, England beat Colombia 5-4.


The schedule and the duel between the quarter-finals of this World Cup will also be released. The quarter-finals will start on the evening of the 6th. The specific schedule is as follows:

  July 6, 2018 22:00 Uruguay VS France

  July 7, 2018 2:00 Brazil VS Belgium

  July 7, 2018 22:00 Sweden vs England

  July 8, 2018 2:00 Russia vs Croatia


Quarterfinal Sweden vs England Live Preview

Sweden returned to the World Cup quarter-finals after 24 years and set a World Cup record – this is their first time in 60 years to win a streak in the World Cup. Although there seems to be no star, the Swedish team has been covered with the blood of the champion: the qualifier group match squeezed out the former European champion,

the World Cup “Innocent King” in the Netherlands; the play-off killed four World Cup champions in Italy The group stage squeezed out the World Cup defending champion and another four-star giant Germany.

In the eighth round, England’s penalty shootout defeated Colombia and re-entered the quarterfinals after 12 years. This is the first time in England’s 22-year penalty shootout victory. In the quarter-finals, England will compete with Sweden for the semi-finals, but the England team has always had “fear of Sweden”. Since the 3-1 defeat of Sweden in England in 1968, the Three Lions have been in the 43rd year.

Can’t beat Sweden in time. Although the England team defeated Sweden in the 2011 friendly match and the 2012 European Cup, it still couldn’t change the team’s embarrassment that the World Cup never won the Swedish team. This time, the Three Lions Corps is different from the past. Then, when the enemies meet again, what kind of new stories will be stirred up by the grudges?

In addition, Kyle, who scored 6 goals and now scored 4 goals, Lukaku and Neymar, ranked first in the scorer’s list. Can he use the goal to help the team win and stabilize the scorer’s advantage?

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