WELLSPORTS News 2018 Russia World Cup quarter-final battle continued,

Sweden and England officially started on the evening of July 7. The two teams have fought 23 times in history, the two teams have won 7 times each, and the remaining 9 times have become a tie. In the World Cup, the two teams have had two confrontations. In the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup and the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the two teams were divided into the same group. Both games were tied, the scores were 1-1 and 2 respectively. -2.


In this WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018, the Swedish group match two wins and one loss, the first qualifying of the F group, followed by 1-0 victory over Switzerland to advance to the semi-finals, while the England team won two wins and one loss, the second qualifying of the G group, followed by 5-4 victory Colombia scored in the quarter-finals. In the first half, Ashley Young assisted Maguire to score a header. In the second half, Ali headed the ball to expand the lead. In the end, England eliminated Sweden 2-0 and made it to the top 4. The Three Lions will play against Croatia in the semi-final, which defeated host Russia by 6-5 after a penalty shootout.


List of two teams

  England (352): 1-Pickford/6-Maguire, 2-Kyle-Walker, 5-Stones/12-Tripil, 7-Lingard, 8-Henderson (84 ‘4-Dell’, 20-Ali (76’17-Delf), 18-Ashley-Yang/10-Sterling (90+1’19-Rushford), 9-Harry-Kane

  Sweden (442): 1- Olsen/16-Kraft (84’18-Pentus-Yansen), 3-Lindlov, 4-Glanquist, 6-Augustinson/17 – Claessens, 7-Larsen, 8-Ekdal, 10-Fosberg (64’5-Martin-Olson)/9-Marcus-Berry, 20-Toivonen ( 64’11-Guedetti)


Game playback

In the 8th minute, the Swedish team’s frontcourt ball was thrown into the penalty area. Walker grabbed the landing point and hit the ball in front of Walker’s Granquist. The handball fouled. In the 12th minute, Clarkson suddenly broke his foot outside the restricted area and the ball was higher than the crossbar. In the 19th minute, Sterne scored the ball and Kane greeted the ball. The ball was slightly out of the far corner of the goal. In the 25th minute, Sweden’s backcourt long pass, Berry quickly plugged in, but the flag was flagged offside.

In the 30th minute, England took the lead to break the deadlock on the field. In the corner of Ashley’s corner, Maguire jumped to force Fosberg and scored a header to help England lead Sweden 1-0. In the 35th minute, Trippier headed the ball and Henderson made a long-range shot from outside.

In the 43rd minute, Sterling single-handedly broke into the penalty area. In the face of Olsen’s push, the defender quickly cleared the ball and the referee whistled to attack the offside. In the 45th minute, Henderson’s long pass, Sterling took the ball again in the restricted area, and got rid of the marking, facing Kane and Ali who rushed into the restricted area at the same time, hesitated to choose to kick the ball and the ball was blocked. After a while, the bottom line is off. At the end of the first half, England temporarily led Sweden 1-0.

The second half is easy to fight. In the 46th minute, Augustinson picked the penalty area, and Berry pressed Ashley to head the ball and Pickford struggled to save the ball. In the 52nd minute, Fosberg seemed to shoot the ball to the goal, which was higher than the crossbar. In the 53rd minute, Ashley Young made a free kick, Maguire headed Baidu, and Sterling hit the door.

In the 58th minute, Trippier knocked back on the right, and Lingard picked the penalty area. Ali headed the ball in front of the goal and England led 2-0. In the 61st minute, Toivonen was picked up by the teammates in the restricted area and then pushed and attacked by Pikeford. Toivonen quickly stepped forward and was sealed. The carats that followed him also rushed to push. The shooting goal was blocked by Henderson. In the 66th minute, England’s corner kick hit Kane, and the melee in the penalty area, Maguire then volleyed the ball and hit the high.

In the 71st minute, Guadeti slammed the middle of the penalty area. After the ball was stopped, Berry volleyed sideways and the ball was pulled out by Pikford. In the 82nd minute, Lin Jiade took the ball and pushed it to the top of the arc. In the 88th minute, Delf and Sterling didn’t cooperate well in the penalty area. They let the ball and the ball go straight to the bottom line. In the 90th minute, the free kick in the forefront of the restricted area in Sweden, Augustinson hit the door directly.

In the end, England eliminated Sweden 2-0 and made it to the top four. They will play against Croatia in the semi-final.

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