June 35th News: The final round of the 2018 Russia World Cup group match was officially announced. The video will be broadcast live in Portugal against Iran at 2 am tomorrow. The game is related to the final qualifying list of Group B. Who can successfully qualify for the two teams? Will there be an upset out? In addition, Can Ronaldo again erupt? What kind of offensive confrontation did he play with Irans Messi?




Two teams starting list forecast

Iran (4-5-1): 1 – Bellan Vander; 23 – Rezajan, 19 – Husseini, 8 – Pragliganchi, 3 – Hajisafi; 11 – Amiri, 10 – Ansarifad, 9- Ibrahimi, 6-Ezatarahi, 17-Taremi; 20-Azmont

Portugal (4-4-2): 1 – Patricio; 21 – Cedric, 3 – Pepe, 6 – Fonte, 5 – Guerrero; 11 – Bernard – Silva, 14 – William Carvalho, 8-Moutinho, 10-Joao-Mario; 7-Cro, 17-Geders

Beijing time at 2 o’clock on the 26th June (21:00 local time in Russia on June 25th), in the final round of Group B of the Russian World Cup in 2018, Iran and Portugal met in the Arena of Moldavia. This game is very important for both sides. The first is Portugal. With 4 points in hand, they naturally hope to win and get the initiative. Then the Asians ride Iran, and they will also fight hard to break their World Cup. The history of China advances to the top 16. At the same time, Ronaldo can score goals in three consecutive games, which is the focus of this game. In addition, this game is still the showdown between two famous coach Queiroz and Santos. Here, Sohu Sports also brings you six highlights of this game, let’s take a look.


Can Portugal advance without defeat if it is unbeaten?

After two rounds before the group stage, Portugal scored 4 points on 1 win and 1 draw, ranking first with Spain. In the final round against Iran, Portugal’s defeat or tie-up with Iran will ensure that it will advance, but if we want to get the group’s top name, we must look at the results of another match between Spain and Morocco. If Portugal loses to Iran, then unless Spain loses its temper, Scored a loss to Morocco, otherwise Portugal will be eliminated. In this case, Portugal is bound to go all out to win. In a match that will be able to qualify for a tie, Portugal is naturally unwilling to capsize.

Iran scored 1 win and 1 loss in the first two rounds of the group stage, ranked third in the group, and against the mighty Portugal in the final round, Iran could only beat the opponent to ensure that it would advance to the final 16. If there is a tie, it is only when Spain expects an upset to lose to Morocco that Iran will be able to qualify. If it loses to Portugal, Iran will definitely be eliminated. Due to the gap in strength between the two sides, there is a strong possibility that the Iranian side will once again expel the iron barrel array from Portugal.


  Cristiano Ronaldo and Iran Messi

In the previous two games in Portugal, Ronaldo arranged all the goals in the team. Ronaldo, who scored 4 goals, was naturally the hero of the Portuguese team. In this game, C Luoyi was the focus. The first two rounds of C Ronaldo helped the team achieve a 1 win and 1 draw. The total number of goals scored by his national team also surpassed Puskas to rise to first place in Europe and second in the world. The world’s best is precisely Iran’s legendary striker Ali Dey. Can C Ronaldo score three consecutive World Cup goals and return to the top of the scorer’s ranking? His performance will directly determine the fate of Portugal.

In the first two games, Azmen, known as the “Iran of Messi,” failed to show his performance on the court. Iran also just used Morocco’s Oolong gift on the World Cup. A victory was achieved. In this game, Real Ronald PK fake Messi is naturally a major attraction of the game. Of course, Azmen’s performance on the field is also directly related to Iran’s ability to make it to the top 16. After all, this game is a winning game for Iran.


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