News from June 5th to 20th, the 2018 Russia World Cup group match will be fully open in the second round, and the video will be broadcast live in Iran at 2 o’clock in the morning. This game is related to the key battle to appear in Group B. The Iranian coach Queiroz is also very familiar with Spain’s game, what kind of coping strategies will he come up with? The preliminary substitutions of Hierro in the opening game are not outstanding, but in this critical battle, Can Jeello prove himself and how he will dispatch troops to deal with Iran’s iron barrels?



Two teams starting list forecast

Iran (4-1-4-1): 1 – Bellan Vander; 23 – Rezaean, 8 – Praliganj, 4 – Cesme, 3 – Hajisafi; 9 – Ib Rahimi; 18-Yahabash, 7-Shaojay, 11-Amiri, 10-Ansarifad; 20-Azmont

Spain (4-3-3): 1-Degea; 2-Kavajar, 3-Pike, 15-Ramos, 18-Alba; 8-Cork, 5-Busquets, 8 – Iniesta; 21 – David Silva, 19 – Costa, 22 – Isco

Key battle

Since Iran’s upset against Morocco and Portugal tied with Spain, Iran is temporarily ranked first in the group. However, this does not mean that Iran’s prospects are better, because Iran will have to face Spain and Portugal in succession. In these two games Iran is unlikely to win. For the West and Portugal teams, only 1 point is required to win the match against Iran, otherwise it will be very difficult to qualify. The qualifying situation in this group is relatively complicated, with the exception of Morocco.

  Coach Showdown: Queiroz’s VS vs. Yello War

Iranian coach Queiroz has coached Real Madrid and has a certain understanding of Spanish football. This will help weak Iran. At the same time, defense is the top priority in the Queiroz philosophy. In this case, the intention of Queiroz’s Iran in this game becomes very clear. It is to use the barrels to prevent the death matador. If Iran can score a point in this game, then two games Iran, which has four points in the game, is also very hopeful to create hopes and create miracles in this impossible group.

Spain’s head coach Hierro was rushed to take office before the World Cup. From the previous match, Jereiro’s starting tactics and employment completely extended his predecessor Lope Tequila, but the substitutions on the spot couldn’t be followed by hyacinth, so Spain was the last one. The substitution of the field is not good, which shows the lack of ability of Jeello. After a game’s running-in, what kind of sparks did Jeello and Spain’s big players get out of the game? In fact, the most crucial question is, if Spain can’t break Iran’s intensive defense on the court, how does Hierro move? This will be the time to really show his strength.

In terms of the key battles related to their own national teams, how will the two coaches fight wits? let us wait and see.

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