June 15th News June 14th, 2018 Russia World Cup will be opened this evening, and Panama, the first time to enter the World Cup, will start the first match against Belgium on the 18th. In the list of 23 players announced in Panama, La Liga led by La Liga, and the remaining players mostly play for the American team.



The 2018 World Cup began its war. The Panamanian national team, which made its first appearance in the World Cup, also announced the 23-man roster for the World Cup in Russia. The team played for Diaz in La Coruna and most of the team played for the American team. The specific list of 23 people in the Panama World Cup is as follows:

Forward: Arroyo (Alajuen), Ismail-Dias (Deportivo), Blas Perez (Monispar), Tejada (Sports), Gabrielle El Torres (Wachibato);

Midfield: Balsenas (Altamira), Cooper (University of Chile), Godoy (San Jose earthquake), Gabriel Gomez (Bucaramanga), Pimentel (Amador Plaza), Alberto Quintero (University of Lima), Jose Rodriguez (Ghent);

Defenders: Baloi (Munispar), Cummings (San Jose), Eric Davis (Dunas Castelida), Escobar (New York Red Bull), Machado ( Houston Dynamo), Michael Murillo (New York Red Bull), Ovalje (Olympia), Roman Torres (Seattles of Seattle);

Goalkeepers: Jose Calderon (Jorino), Penedo (Dinamo Bucharest), Alex-Rodriguez (San Francisco).

In this World Cup, Panama and Belgium, Tunisia and England are in Group G. They will start the World Cup match against Belgium on the 18th and then play against England on the 24th and against Tunisia on the 29th.The following is the time schedule of the 2018 World Cup group stage in Panama. The 35th sports will broadcast live video throughout. Please stay tuned.


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