June 5th News, June 5th, 2018 Russian World Cup is about to officially start on June 14th, and Denmark recently announced the 23rd national team for the World Cup this year, which is currently playing for the genius of the Tottenham Hotspurs. Eriksson and Chelsea’s defender Christensen succeeded. Little Schmeichel, Dorberg, Jorgensen and Clintley were also selected. Unfortunately, the former Arsenal player Ben Turner suffered a recent injury, which also resulted in the final selection of the team. The list of 23 people in Denmark is as follows:




Forward: Andreas Cornelius (Atlanta, Serie A), Dolbery (Ajax), Martin Braithwaite (Bordeaux, French Ligue 1), Nikolai-Yorge Gensen (Feyenoord, Holland), Pioneer-Sisto (Celta, La Liga), Viktor Fisher (Copenhagen, Dan Chao), Jan Polson (RB Leipzig, Bundesliga)

Midfielders: Eriksson (Tottenham, Premier League), Lars-Schuen (Ajax, Russell), Lucas-Lelag (Bordeaux, French La Liga), Klondeli (Rako, La Liga), Thomas Delaney (Bremen, Bundesliga), William Wester (Copenhagen, Dan Chao)

Defenders: Christensen (Chelsea, Premier League), Henrik Dalsgaard (Brentford, British Championships), West High (Menhin, Bundesliga), Strieg (Udine (Spanish, Serie A), Jonas Knudsen (Ipswich, British crown), Matthias Jorgensen (Huddersfield, Premier League), Simon Kerr (Sevilla) La Liga

Goalkeepers: Schumacher (Leste City, Premier League), Jonnov (Bloodby, Dan Chao), Roswell (Huddersfield, Premier League)


In this World Cup, Denmark and Europe are strong French team, Kangaroo Army Australia team and return to the World Cup family Peru team with the same group, the signing of the best. And they will start the first game of the World Cup on June 17. At that time, 35 sports will be broadcast live in this game, so let’s stay tuned.


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