WELLSPORTS News 2018 Russia World Cup quarter-final battle continued,

host Russia in the early morning of July 8 against Croatia. Russia won two wins and one loss in the group stage, with the second qualifying of Group A, followed by a 5-4 victory over Spain to advance to the top 16, and the Croatian group stage three-game winning streak, the first qualifying in Group D, followed by a 4-3 defeat in Denmark. Enter the quarter-finals.


In the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 first half, Cherishev scored a goal in the world, Kramaliqi header was equalized, and Russia 1-1 temporarily suspended Croatia. In the second half, Pericic hit the post, the regular time, Russia 1-1 Croatia, the game entered the extra time. Overtime, Modric assists, Vida headed the ball, Fernandez scored the first goal in the final moments, and finally, after 120 minutes of hard work, Russia 2-2 Croatia, had to enter a brutal penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout, Croatia was a good player. With Rakitic making a penalty, they defeated Russia 6-5 and returned to the World Cup semi-final after 20 years! In the semi-finals, they will compete with England for the final. Qualification, the latter defeated Sweden 2-0.


Two teams play lineup

Russia (4-2-3-1): 1-Akinfeev/2-Mario Fernandez, 3-Kutupov, 4-Ignashevich, 13-Kudriashov/ 11-Zobinen, 7-Kuziyaev/19-Samedov (54’21-Yeluoxin), 17-Golovin (102’9-Zagoyev), 6-Cherischer (67’10-Smolov)/22-Juba (79’8-Gazinski)

Croatia (4-2-3-1): 23-Subaicchi/2-Fosarico (97’5-Joel Luca), 6-Lovron, 21-Vida, 3-Stri Nikki (74’22-Pivalic)/7-Rakitic, 10-Modric/18-Rebich, 9-Kramatic (88’8-Kovasic), 4- Pericic (63’11-Brozovic) / 17-Manjukic


Game score playback

In the 31st minute, Jiuba Road was crossed, and Cherishev swayed over the top of the restricted area. Modrich, 20 meters in front of the door, the left foot suddenly applied a cold arrow, the ball flew like a cannonball to the goal, flying over the top of Su Brazil’s head into the net , 1-0!

In the 39th minute, Man Zhukic broke into the restricted area and passed the ball in the restricted area. The unmarked Kramariqi headed the ball in the restricted area and broke the goal. 1-1! At the end of the half, Russia 1-1 temporarily suspended Croatia.

In the second half, the two teams did not make achievements. During the regular time, Russia 1-1 Croatia, the game was dragged into overtime.

In the 115th minute, Pivalic made a handball foul in the forefront of the restricted area. Russia got a good free kick opportunity. Zagoev passed the free kick into the penalty area. Fernandez jumped high and slammed into the goal. The ball flew into the lower left corner of the goal. 2-2! In the end, after 120 minutes of hard work, Russia 2-2 Croatia, the penalty shootout came again.


Penalty shootout

After the penalty shootout, Russia first penalized. In the first round, Smolov’s right foot shot was saved by Su Bazchi’s left hand. Brozovic scored a steady goal, 2-3!

In the second round, Zagoyev was steadily penalized, and Kovasic’s shot was saved by Akinfeev and flew out, 3-3!

In the third round, Russian scoring hero Fernandez missed the left post, and Modric’s shot was thrown by Akinfeev, but the ball still rebounded into the net, 3-4!

In the fourth round, Ignashevich hit a penalty, Vader also made a penalty, 4-5! In the fifth round, Kuziyaev was steadily penalized, Rakitic also hit, 5-6!

In the end, Croatia defeated host Russia 6-5 to advance to the semi-finals, they will play against England.

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