WELLSPORTS News:China’s bid to host the World Cup has been rumored three times. Is it closer to reality or still illusory?

China wants to bid for the World Cup?

China wants to run the World Cup? The rumors have been passed three times, is it closer to reality, or is it still illusory?

Just half a month after the end of the World Cup in Russia, the news of “China’s bid to host the World Cup” came out again in China. According to the “Sports Weekly” reporter broke the news, the relevant parties are studying the bid to host the World Cup, the 2030 World Cup may be the beginning of China’s bid to host the World Cup.

This news caused a lot of attention and discussion on the network. In fact, in the past two years, similar news has been heard many times. In May of the 17th, it was also the news of Sports Weekly. “The Chinese Football Association has written a report and officially bid for the 2034 World Cup.” Under the influence of this news, the football concept stocks rose against the market, with multiple daily limit. After that, the Football Association rumors: At present, there is no specific World Cup bid, and the news is not true.

In November 17th, the “Chengdu Business Daily” news, Lippi revealed in an interview, the Football Association bid for the 2030 World Cup. This news also triggered a big rise in football concept stocks in the capital market, and also attracted the rumors of the Football Association: At present, the association did not propose which World Cup to bid for. This kind of news has not been officially confirmed and is a media interpretation.

At this time, it seems that it was immune to similar news. This report did not trigger the change of the capital market, and the Football Association did not appear to blame. After all, compared with the previous two, the wording of this report is more ambiguous, and it does not indicate which World Cup China specifically bids for. It just indicates that “it is being researched and perhaps will bid for the 2030 World Cup”.

But on the Internet, this news has sparked heated discussions among many netizens. From “national football competitive level” to “the impact of hosting the World Cup on the Chinese football industry”, from “the same continent needs to be separated by two bids” to “new revised special circumstances”, from “2030 is the centennial of the World Cup” to “South America” The three countries are bound to win the right to host the event, and netizens have been discussing it.

How much does it cost to host the World Cup?

Undoubtedly, China must definitely bid for the World Cup, and it must be the World Cup. However, when the current eight characters are still not in the same position, instead of discussing the performance of the national football at the doorstep of the World Cup in the future, it is better to discuss the feasibility of hosting the World Cup in China. One of the key questions is, if China hosts the World Cup, how much does it cost?

The just-conceded 2018 Russia World Cup, which was judged by FIFA President Infantino as “the best World Cup ever”, may not be a real word. Up to now, although the Russian government has not announced the specific investment of the 2018 Russia World Cup, but according to the cost of investment and related speculation, the Russian World Cup is also the most burning World Cup in history.

“Moscow Times” reported that according to statistics and predictions of the Russian media, the cost of this World Cup will reach 833 billion rubles, about 14.2 billion US dollars. This figure far exceeds the budget of Russia during the World Cup, and it has stabilized the most expensive name in the history of the World Cup.

But for China’s bid to host the World Cup, Russia’s over $14 billion worth of investment reference is not much reference value. At present, starting from 2026, the World Cup will be expanded from the current 32 national teams to 48. A halving of the number of teams means that the game will span more cities, cover more courses, and mean more investment. This will be a new situation for China to bid for and host the World Cup.

The cost of hosting a World Cup for 48 teams is only a glimpse of the 2026 World Cup candidates’ budget. In 2026, the United States, Mexico, and the United States will host 48 World Cup teams in the three countries, a total of 80 events. As the three countries of the United States and Mexico generally use the original venues of the city to hold competitions, and the city’s infrastructure is perfect, the cost of the World Cup will be greatly reduced. So as of now, the United States and Mexico’s consortium has not yet announced the event budget.

2026 World Cup bid failed, it is the fifth time that Morocco has missed the right to host the World Cup.

As for Morocco, which lost in the competition, it announced a large budget from the beginning. In the tender, Morocco plans to spend $15.8 billion on the event budget, of which $3 billion is for stadium construction and renovation, $9.6 billion for infrastructure in 20 cities, and another $3.2 billion for hotel construction. But in the end, Morocco, which is preparing such a large budget, is still defeated by the United States and Mexico.

Let me talk about China again. If China really bids for the World Cup, it will definitely not choose to unite with neighboring countries. As for the innocent idea of ​​South Korea’s joint bid with China, Japan and South Korea, it is impossible. Therefore, if you refer to Morocco and Russia, China will also generate at least tens of billions of dollars in spending.

If China hosts the World Cup, due to the needs of the competition, the existing football venues in the domestic cities need to be improved and upgraded, and some new competition venues will be built. In addition, in order to meet the relevant regulations of FIFA, the relevant infrastructure and logistics services of domestic cities will face upgrading requirements, which will also be a major investment.

But in fact, the required investment is difficult to quantify before the specific bidding details are released. The World Cup is held in which cities in China, how many courses are built and upgraded, how many infrastructure and logistics support facilities need to be perfected, etc. These are the most basic issues. The impact of other additional factors is even more difficult to measure.

Before the World Cup, China successfully hosted the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and will host the Winter Olympics in Beijing and Zhangjiakou in 2022. But for global events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, the previous precedents can only be used as a reference, and the reference is not significant.

But at the same time, it is certain that hosting the World Cup will also bring greater tourism consumption income and intangible impacts that are difficult to measure for China, such as the promotion of the sports industry, especially the football industry. Of course, this requires continuous cooperation of follow-up policies. And as more macroeconomic impacts: stimulating consumption, providing jobs, etc.

In fact, for the global events with great social influence, such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games, because the economic impact is too complicated, how to accurately calculate the cost and benefit of the host country has always been an intractable problem.

At present, “China’s bid to host the World Cup” is still in the research stage, and there is still a long way to go from successful bidding. The attitude of China in welcoming the World Cup will directly determine the subsequent bids, events and corresponding economic impacts.

Therefore, at the moment when “China’s bid to host the World Cup” has caused concern several times, we need to look at this incident more rationally. Tucao national football competition level can become a hot topic, but the one World Cup reflects far more than just sports competition itself

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