Beijing time April 12 hearing, this morning 2017-18 season Champions League 1/4 finals in the second round, Real Madrid returned to Bernabeu against Juventus, the first round of Real Madrid 0-3 to take the absolute advantage to take the initiative, but tonight’s battle,

When the Bernabeu Wuhou clouded out, the Bianco Army swept and once thought it was going to end with a tough stance of 0-3. In the final stoppage time, Ronaldo scored a penalty and Real Madrid eventually eliminated the opponent with 4-3 to qualify for the UEFA Champions League IV. Strong.


 (Champions League)


Real Madrid vs Barcelona Competition Playback


The game Real Madrid C Ronaldo partner Bell assault, Nova Valery Serve as a defender, Modric Isco sits in the middle of the field, Juventus general Benatia Pjanic lifted the ban back, Iguain and Manjukic partner striker, Ramo Stibala suspended. In the 2nd minute,

Douglas-Kosta scored after the midfielder scored a goal, and Khedira passed through the right-wing. Mandukki scored and scored a goal after the goal. Real Madrid 0-1. (Manjukic scored the opening goal in 76 seconds.

It was the fastest time in the history of Real Madrid’s Champions League. Juventus’ third fastest goal in history was the Croatian, who was also the 8th player in the history of Bernabeu.


In the 37th minute, Khedira scored the ball and Lichtsteiner made a right-wing pass. Manjukic then pushed Kavajer header and scored twice, Real Madrid 0-2.

In the 60th minute, Douglas-Costa passed a right-wing pass. Navas blew the ball under the interference of Matuidi. Matuidi broke into the empty goal, Real Madrid 0-3, Juventus tied the score.


In the 93rd minute, Cross made a pass and C Luo headed for a ferry. Benatia knocked Lukasz-Vazquez behind him and the referee Oliver penalized the penalty kick, and the red card sent off a fierce protest against Buffon, Schutzs. Nini replaced the war.


In the 97th minute, Ronaldo scored a penalty kick to score in the top right corner of the goal, 1-3, Real Madrid scored 4-3.After the end of the campaign, Real Madrid reached the Champions League for the eighth consecutive season, setting a record.

However, in the history of the Champions League Real Madrid for the first time at home, it was 3 goals behind the opponent. Juventus was also the 5th European Champions League team to score 3 goals in the Bernabeu.

Buffon was crowned with a red card for the first time in 117 careers. Cristiano Ronaldo won 150 career matches, scored 11 consecutive UEFA Champions League goals,

scored 14 games in the last 15 UEFA Champions Leagues, and scored 10 goals in UEFA Champions League 7 UEFA Champions League. It was the first player in the history of the UEFA Champions League to score the same goal. C Ronaldo scored a penalty,

which was the latest penalty kick in the regular time of the Champions League history.


Lineup Real Madrid (4-4-2): Navas; Carvajal, Varana, Vallejo, Marcelo; Modrić (75’Covacic), Casemiro (46’L Kas-Vazquez), Cross, Isco; Bell (46’Assencio), Ronaldo

Juventus (4-3-3): Buffon; Dessilio (17′ Lichsteiner), Benatia, Chiellini, Alessandro Sandro; Khedira, leather Yanic, Mathudy; Douglas-Costa, Higuain (95′ Sisini), Mandukic

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