WELLSPORTS  News July 6th, 2018 Russia World Cup quarter-final officially kicked off tonight, Uruguay will play against France at 22 o’clock tonight.


What worried Uruguayan fans was Cavani’s injury, and in today’s pre-match training, Cavani appeared in the training ground to start training. Can he play in the promotion tonight? Three-five sports will broadcast live duel, let us stay tuned.

In the 1/8 final of the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018  early morning of July 1, Uruguay faced Portugal led by C Ronaldo, and with the help of Cavani, he finally won Uruguay 2-1 victory over Portugal and became the top eight. However, the winning hero, Cavani, was injured in the 71st minute and took the initiative to signal a substitution. Cristiano Ronaldo helped him to the sidelines. After the game, the qualifying Uruguay team was insane, and Cavani was crying on the bench.

In the subsequent training in Uruguay, Cavani has never appeared. Whether he can catch up against the French team has always been the focus of attention, but in the training day before the game, Cavani finally appeared.

In the warm-up session, Cavani has been jogging alone on the sidelines, accompanied by team staff to carry out simple pass-and-go training. Although I don’t know if he can fully recover before the game, it is a positive sign for at least those who care about Uruguay. And this simple training seems to be a signal that he is restoring his ideals.

Moreover, Uruguay faced the 4-3 elimination of Argentina in France. In the face of the Gallic rooster led by Mbape Lezman and other stars, Cavani’s comeback became a major guarantee for the Uruguayan attack line. Can Cavani be back? What state can he return to? let us wait and see.

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