April 10: When did Ronaldo start fire again? Remembering that he was also mocked by Portugal’s first sailor years ago, he now fires all over the world because of an inverted gold hook.

In the recent Real Madrid match against Juventus, Ronaldo successfully broke the old woman’s door with an inverted gold hook. The iconic action allowed him to reach the extreme before the World Cup.



Some fans even stared at the TV screen with tears and murmured: I want to give him a monkey! The point is, the fan is still a man. This was awkward.

Judging from Ronaldo’s photographs accompanying his girlfriend to see the drama, chewing him should have no such hobby. Besides, how to operate a monkey like this! !

Ronaldo: This scene I saw last time, the next thing should be –

Girlfriend: Hey, I’ll see it myself.

 Ronaldo: Oh, yes, you will. [Laughs]

 Of course, the above story is naturally fictitious, but Ronaldo is just as important to his girlfriend’s family as he is to his football career.

He often spends most of his time with his family

Real Madrid scored 10 goals in a row! In the second half of the season, Ronaldo once again showed an unstoppable state and he also “unlocked” the goal of the undercounter in the Champions League against Juventus.

After his 33rd birthday,

Ronaldo had scored goals in Real Madrid and was even older and more powerful. With Real Madrid’s current mode of operation and Zidane’s use of Ronaldo,

the Portuguese superstar has the opportunity to continue to maintain the top state of the game and the number of goals.

The game at Ronaldo is back – In the match between Real Madrid and Milan on April 8th, the two sides stagnated, until the 53rd minute, Bell left sent a high arc pass,

Ronaldo volleyed right foot 12 meters. After the shot, the ball ran into the corner of the goal, Real Madrid 1-0. Then Cristiano Ronaldo took a look at the field and Real Madrid was dumb.

This is also the reason why Ronaldo Ronaldo couldn’t fire again before the World Cup. His state is once again on a realm, his feet may exaggerate and he falls asleep. As a result,

the fan who once said to be a Ronaldo’s monkey was puzzled. C Ronaldo could not burn the burning state to the World Cup. Can he win the World Cup? Let us wait and see.

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