April 9 hearing Nemar’s ankle injury is still in the recuperation stage, the Grand Prix in the Champions League game is over. However, his expectations for the 2018 World Cup have only just begun

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Neymar, Brazil’s famous Walter Casablande said that if he can be like Ronaldo, Brazil has hope.


Neymar is still recovering from injury. For this World Cup champion, Brazilian stars are determined to win. However, Brazil football player Walter Casabland felt that he should learn from Real Madrid Ronaldo.


Ronaldo is in excellent shape this season. At age 33, he scored 14 goals in the Champions League and scored 39 goals in each event. Even though Neymar’s style is more magnificent, due to injury, he has been exempted from the fight early and Paris is also eliminated in the Champions League.


“If Neymar played in the national team like Cristiano Ronaldo when he was in Real Madrid, then 90% of Brazil may win the world championship, but if he wants to do everything in the style of playing in Paris, he wants to do everything. With a sense of presence on the court, we can’t get anything.”


It can be seen that the Brazilian football player Walter Casablande’s affirmation of Ronaldo and the expectation of introspection. “Neymar needs to be the person who breaks the deadlock. If he becomes Brazil’s Ronaldo, then the remaining 10 people will all play around him. Talents like Neymar


Members only need to use goals to win victories. It is sufficient to be a gunner within the Brazilian team. As for the responsibilities on the field, teammates should share the responsibilities. ” Regardless of whether Neymar left Barcelona to go to Paris, it was right or wrong. Brazil’s famous places thought it was a question that would have passed. Now it is Neymar who should learn Cristiano Ronaldo. But will there be less in society? From his position of learning Hawking, this set is very difficult.


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