WELLSPORTS News:German teenager Brant recently supported his national team senior Özil in the interview.

He said that the German team’s exit is the responsibility of the team.

“Ozil is not the reason we were eliminated,

” Brant said.“In my opinion, everyone made a lot of mistakes, even me.

I should have scored two goals instead of hitting the goalpost. If the two balls go in, it will not be possible. same.”

“Since the technical and tactical point of view, Özil may not be able to play his best standards, but no one else, so it is not correct to push the responsibility to him.”

In addition, Brant also said that he will continue to improve in the future.

“The feeling of playing the World Cup is addictive,” Brant said. “This is a world-class stage and I am completely attracted.”

“I still want to continue to grow in the national team. Next, I will do my best to get the goal to help the team get into the European Cup.”


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