April 10th While everyone is busy buying and ordering tickets and escaping World Cup tickets,

Egypt’s such a small group has made a decision to ride 5,000 km from Cairo’s Liberation Square across six countries to Russia to watch the World Cup!



According to foreign media, Nufal, a 24-year-old Egyptian boy who had kissed his mother, had set off from Cairo’s Liberation Square and went to Russia to watch the World Cup. According to the plan,

Nufal needs to ride about 5000 kilometers, and it will take nearly 65 days to reach the destination on the road. According to Reuters, the young enthusiastic fan hopes to use this special method to cheer on the Egyptian team who returned to the World Cup 28 years later.

Nufal: The route of riding is roughly through Jordan, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine and finally to Moscow. At the same time,

due to the Syrian civil war, he will fly through Syria and he will also avoid Iraq for security reasons.


All roads lead to Rome, but they need various equipment on Roman roads. It is reported that in the bicycle, Nufal also carried a lot of equipment, including a spare phone,

a backup battery, and some necessary necessities for camping. Of course, in addition to camping life,

Nufal said that he will also live in hotels that he can find and have a cheap price, and that staying in a stranger’s house is also a good choice.


“For me, the process of this journey is far more significant than its end point,” Nufal said. “If it was simply to watch the World Cup,

I could buy a plane ticket to my destination. But this is not I want to, I want to experience something new by riding this time

.” Like the Egyptian kid Nufal is riding a bicycle to prepare for a trip to Russia to watch the World Cup across six countries. It makes sense, but it is not worth promoting.

No team on the road safety problem is not protected. Therefore, it is still a reminder for golfers who are ready to go to Russia to watch the World Cup.

Security is the first priority and entertainment is watched.


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