Three-Five Sports News Beijing time on May 22nd, Argentina’s 23-man list was released, led by Messi, Aguero, Higuain and Dybala and other per capita were selected at the press conference, the Argentine national team coach Sang Baoli explained Your own selection concept.



Argentine team 23 big list:

Goalkeepers: Romero (Manchester United), Caballero (Chelsea), Armani (bed)

Defenders: Mercado (Sevilla), Ansardi (Turin), Otamendi (Man City), Fazio (Rome), Rojo (Manchester United), Tagliafico ( Ajax), Acuna (Portugal sports)

Midfielder: Mascherano (Hebei Happiness), Salvio (Benfica), Biglia (AC Milan), Lossol (Paris Saint Germain), Banega (Seville) , Lancini (West Ham United), Mesa (Independence), Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain), Christian Pavin (Boca Junior)

Forwards: Messi (Barcelona), Dibala (Juventus), Higuain (Juventus), Aguero (Man City)

“In every game I played, I tried to be as fair as possible. Ansaldi can play both right and left. This is very important, especially if Mercado hasn’t fully recovered. Mesa is a versatile player who can help us a lot in the midfield. We must be fully prepared, because my idea is to allow the team to make full use of the characteristics of each player.” Sam Pooli on the concept of World Cup selection ” There are a lot of potential young players on the big list, and it is very important for seasoned veterans to pass them on. Since last week, Aguero has been training normally and he has no discomfort. Mascherano has already started training. He is as cute as a child. He was elected to the national team in 2005. I value him very much.”


“We believe that the characteristics of these players will suit this team. With the approach of the World Cup and the increasing desire for games, this will become more and more obvious. I have a lot of hope for them, every time they watch their training, my The dream will grow vigorously.If we really play out all our strength and show our deserved performance, we will become a strong opponent of any team.I believe that this World Cup will have a surprise, just like all previous World Cups. As far as I’m concerned, Argentina is the only and only hopeful surprise maker.”

Messi is undoubtedly a big trump card for Argentina, and Sam Pooli has also personally contracted for him to set up a Barcelona-style national team, so this election will be affected by this number. Messi was actually Messi, but Messi was only one.


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