March 23, Beijing time The “Marca” recently speculated that Argentina should have locked 15 people from the big lineup before the giants’ World Cup. Although there are still 8 places left,

Dybala is still a bit suspended.This FIFA Match Day is the final test before the World Football Championship(World Cup). From the big list announced by the coaches, it is not difficult to see the ultimate list of the World Cup.

“Marca” pointed out today that Argentina has already confirmed 15 World Cup places.As for the front line, Messi is the main player. Aguero and Higuain are the two centers. Di Maria and Pavin are left wingers. The line of sight came to the center, and in the midfield position, Argentina currently locks in Beagle, Mascherano and Barnega.As for the defensive line, Argentina’s Mercado, Otamadi, Fazio, and Acuña were selected, and Rojo was among them. In the final goalkeeper position, Argentina is sure to bring Romero and Guzman.

The above only brought 15 people, there are 8 places. The forwards include Duball, Icardi, Correa, Perotti, Gomez and other five major league players, as well as Rarotaro, Mesa, and other Argentine rookies who may be selected, but the current period From the list, they may miss the 2018 World Cup. The midfielders Locelso, Lancini, Salvio, Paredes, Enzo Perez and Pablo Perez are six competitors.

The defenders Mori, Tagliafik, Pezzelia and Bustos competed. In the third goal (Soccer Gear), Caballero and Armani are two major competitors.


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