WELLSPORTS News:  the 2018 Russia World Cup has come to an end,

eventually France beat Croatia 4-2, after 20 years, once again won the World Cup. The French defender Pavar played a stunning arc in the 1/8 final against Argentina and was voted the best goal of the World Cup by the FIFA official. The goals of Quintero and Magic Flute ranked second and third.

A total of 169 goals were scored in this World Cup, and Paval’s goal was the best goal. Colombian international Quinter won the second place in the free kick of the free kick in the match against Japan. In Croatia and Argentina, Modric ranked third in the front of the penalty area.

In the 1/8 final of the World Cup, the focus was on the battle, and France played against Argentina. In the first half, France was 1-2 behind, and Paval’s perfect arc in the second half helped France equalize. In the 57th minute, Pawar was on the edge of the penalty area and volleyed directly from the outside of the instep. The ball was like a shell that was shot out, and the goal was scored by a perfect arc. France equalized the score. In the end, he also defeated Argentina by 4-3.

Pawar forwarded the report of FIFA. He wrote: “Pride, honor, a little unbelievable. Thank you for your message.” And this wonderful score of the Carlos-style arc is also deserved.


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