WELLSPORTS News: The World Cup has come to a close, and Russia has won wide acclaim for its effective organization.


Everyone has discovered a beautiful country, a passionate country, and many people are keen to show the world what is sometimes considered impossible, FIFA President Infantino said.

Alkadi Dvorkovic, president of the Russian World Cup Organizing Committee, and CEO Alexei Sorokin said they were happy with the feedback.

Behind these appreciations is a huge investment of 14 billion US dollars.

As early as April this year, Russia announced that in the next 10 years, the World Cup will increase GDP by nearly 31 billion US dollars, which will attribute tourism, infrastructure investment and subsequent investment chain effects to its predicted growth sources.

The Moscow Times reported that this promise of revenue is to prove that the government’s investment of 14 billion US dollars is worthwhile, they are used to build stadiums, transportation and other infrastructure.

But Moody’s objected to the $30 billion economic benefit forecast. Moody’s report stated that Russia will only receive short-term economic benefits during the 2018 World Cup. The economic impact from infrastructure has been reflected and the impact is limited.

Moody’s believes that the economic impact of the Russian World Cup is limited.

According to Bloomberg News, Bank of America economist Vladimir Osakovskiy said in an e-mail that although the overall impact of the World Cup on the Russian economy is “very small,” the overall positive impact may make the third quarter higher than the second quarter’s monthly GDP. 1 percentage point.

Russian supermarket chains, e-shops and restaurants all say that sales and customer traffic have soared because of the World Cup.

The sales during the game were four times higher than the typical weekend nights, and almost everyone buys beer, Canadian Doug Steele told Bloomberg, his Papa bar and grill is located on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow, which became a fan this month. The gathering place for celebration. Its completely chaotic, he said.

For local Russian merchants, the World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, and they spare no effort to seize this opportunity.

TSUM will look at the World Cup from a holistic perspective, said Andreas Schmeidler, Chairman of TSUM Department Store, on Rilakkuma Sports. Founded in 1907, TSUM is the first department store in Russia. In April of this year, this old-fashioned shopping mall became one of the pilot shopping malls for the Russian government to provide tax rebate services to customers. In addition, the Alipay, Chinese and English navigation information and Chinese service shopping guides launched in the mall in recent years are obviously obvious.

Since June, TSUM’s football summer carnival has officially launched, including the opening of the Adidas flash shop, limited edition shirts, the official ball of the World Cup, adidas x TSUM hand-embroidered velvet football was unveiled during this period.

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