News from June 35th, the second round of the 2018 Russian World Cup group match will continue and the video will be broadcast live in South Korea against Mexico at 23 o’clock tonight. In the first round of Group F, Mexico upset Germany 1-0 and Germany 0-1 lost to Sweden. This game is also a life-and-death battle for Tai Chi Tigers. If they fail again, they will leave the team early. If Mexico wins, it will continue to maintain the advantage of the team’s qualifying. How will the two teams play in the key game? Before the representatives of the two generations of pharmaceutical companies, Sun Xingyi, an Asian brother, will meet the small pea Hernandez. What will the two of them do?




Two team lineups list forecast

South Korea (4-3-3): 23 – Zhao Xianyou; 2 – Li Xin, 20 – Zhang Xianxiu, 19 – Jin Yingquan, 12 – Jin Minyou; 16 – Send Cheng Yong, 15 – Zheng Yourong, 17 – Li Zaicheng; 11 – Huang Xican, 9- Jin Xinyi, 7-Sun Xingyi

Mexico (4-2-3-1): 13-Ochoa; 3- Salcedo, 2- Ayala, 15-Moreno, 23-Galado; 16-Herrera, 18- melon Lardo; 7-Layun, 11-Bella, 22-Losano; 14-Hernandez

  Group key battle – Advantage VS Out ahead

In the first round of the group stage, South Korea made every effort, but in the end they still lost to Sweden with a score of 0-1. On the contrary, Mexico is upset by a 1-0 defeat to the defending champion. South Korea will meet with the biggest dark horse in the World Cup this time. This game will be a life and death battle for Tai Chi Tigers. If they lose, they are likely to go out early after the second round of the group match. Can South Korea get the desired three points in this game?

In the first scene, Germany and Mexico used their own rapid counterattacks to play their best, but it was a pity that the last part of the shots was not handled properly, otherwise the Germans would lose more than one. South Korea, with Sun Hyun-soo, Huang Xi-chan and other horses leading the offensive line is also the speed of the main attack, but the first battle in the face of Swedish solid defense, Tai Chi tiger’s advantage can not be played. In this round of South Korea, in order to qualify for a touch of hope, it must be fully attacked. It is optimistic that both sides can play offensive speed in the game.

  Sun Xingyi VS Hernandez Which generation of pharmaceutical line strikes badly?

The Asian brother Sun Xingqi and the young pea Hernandez were the top stars in the South Korea and Mexico respectively. Interestingly, both of them had played for Leverkusen in the Bundesliga and were all the ball in the team. Team striker deserved trump card. Now, because of the simple style of play, Xiaopai has become a homeless man in recent seasons, and he has changed hands one year, and his status has declined; while South Korea’s King of Heaven is in Tottenham, he never finds himself suitable in the national team. s position. The narrow road to meet this time, the performance of the two is also worthy of attention.


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