June 35th News, June 25th, 2018 Russia World Cup group match officially launched in the final round, 22 o’clock tonight live video Saudi Arabia Duzi Han Egypt. Although the two teams have already been out of the group, the two teams will fight for their honour. The first to come out is Salah, who broke the rumors of the media. Can he score consecutive goals? In the final battle of this World Cup, can Salah complete the perfect ending?


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Buy Msj Valium Online Two team lineup

Saudi Arabia (4-2-3-1): 22-Orvis; 6-Black, 3-Hausavi, 4-Bresh, 13-Shahrani; 16-Mojave, 14-Autef ;9- Bahabir, 7-Faragi, 18-Dawasari; 19-Muvarad

Egypt (4-2-3-1): 23 – Sinavi; 7-Fatshi, 2-Gabrpur, 6-Hagachi, 13-Abdul Shafi; 17-Elnini, 8-Hamid; 10-Salah, 19-Sayed, 21- Trezeguet; 9-Muchsin   War of Honor

After the first two rounds of the group match, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were both ahead of the game in the 2nd and 2nd defeats. Both teams will fight for honor in this game. Saudi Arabia, as an Asian team, performed poorly in this World Cup. They lost 0-5 in the first round to Russia, lost 0-1 to Uruguay this round, lost 6 goals in two games and missed a goal. At the same time, Egypt unfortunately went out after losing 1-3 to the host Russia in the previous round. Although this game has nothing to do with the qualifying, they naturally hope to end their World Cup trip with a victory.

  Salah crushes the final battle of the words and breaks out?

After losing the match against Russia in Egypt, some media reports Saalh, who was disheartened, will not represent Egypt in their final round match against Saudi Arabia. However, shortly after such news broke, Salah made a statement in Twitter on the Twitter before the start of the game against Saudi Arabia: “In the Egyptian team, everyone is united. Our home is absolutely Without any disagreement, we respect each other and our relationship is harmonious.” If Salah is able to play, he is bound to bomb the opponent’s defense.

In addition, Egypt waited 28 years before re-entering the World Cup, but they only played two group matches to determine the out. The number one star, Salah, missed the first game due to injury. Although he penalized penalty kicks with Russia, he could not save the Lord. The last round with Saudi Arabia will be the final match of Salah’s World Cup. Egyptian fans would like to see Salah leading the team to a victory against Saudi Arabia with a weaker strength, and perhaps even Salah will explode. , Finish your World Cup trip with a classic game.


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