March 5th Sports News July 3rd, 2018 Russia World Cup 1/8 final battle continued, tonight live video at 12 o’clock in Sweden against Switzerland. For the two teams in the lower half, the impact final is absolutely possible, and in this World Cup, the two teams who can advance to the quarter-finals to continue to create an upset? In addition, what kind of quiz match will the brightness core Fosbury and Shaqili have? And can the dark horse Sweden, which has been a strong enemy from the preliminaries, continue to advance? let us wait and see.


Forecast starting lineup list

  Sweden (4-4-2): 1- Olsen; 2- Rusig, 3-Lindlov, 4-Glanquist, 6-Augustinson; 17-Hlason, 13- Svensson, 8-Ekdal; 10-Fosberg; 9-Marcus-Berry, 20-Toivonen

  Switzerland (4-2-3-1): 1-Zomere; 6-Michael-Lang, 20-Julu, 5-Akanji, 13-Ricardo-Rodriguez; 11-Behrami , 10-Zaka; 23-Shaqili, 15-Zeimaili, 14-Zubel; 19-Delmic

  Two teams’ group record

  Sweden beat South Korea 1-0, then lost 0-1 to Germany, the final round 3-0 victory over Mexico. In the end, Sweden scored 6 points with two wins and one loss, ranking first in the F group;

  Switzerland 1-1 draw with Brazil, followed by a 2-1 victory over Serbia, the final round 2-2 draw with Costa Rica. In the end, Switzerland won five copies and two equal shares, ranking second in the E group.

  The second half is the biggest winner?

  Compared with the first half, the second half of the 2018 Russia World Cup knockout is relatively more likely to impact the final. The top four in the first half are now Uruguay, France, Belgium and Brazil. The strongest Spain in the lower half has been eliminated by Russia. The lower half is composed of the winners of Russia, Croatia, and Colombia and England. Compared with the strong teams in the upper half, the promotion situation in the lower half is relatively optimistic. Who can advance to the quarter-finals in this game and hit the final?

  ”Dark horse” Sweden Lian Ke strong enemy

  In the World Cup qualifiers, Sweden is not optimistic. In the group stage, Sweden and France and the Netherlands are in a group, and the Vikings finally press the Netherlands to qualify for the second qualifying. In the play-off field, Sweden has encountered Italy again. What people did not expect is that Sweden eliminated Italy and broke into the World Cup. In the World Cup group match, Sweden has eliminated Germany and qualified as the first team in the playoffs. What kind of performance will Sweden give us even if it is a strong enemy? We will wait and see.

  Fosbury VS Shakri

  Fosberg is the core of the Swedish organization’s offense. He showed his talent on the offensive end in the group stage, but unfortunately the ball failed to score for the team. He played in Leipzig and he was in this Swiss. The player has played against him, he is also very familiar with the opponent’s way of playing; with the Serbian game, Shaqili scored a single-handedly to help the team to kill the opponent, nicknamed “Swiss Messi” he is the burst point of this team. This game coach Petkovic is also looking forward to his outbreak.


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