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2018 World Cup event is getting closer, about the World Cup who will become the archer king’s conjecture is getting hotter, here to introduce more concerned about the next 12 super front fighter, you can also call it 12 Wolverine!


1: Messi (Argentina) In the final match of the World Cup qualifier, Messi used a hat trick to help Argentina with the promotion. Will this be the World Cup belonging to Messi? If Golden Ball, Golden Boots and the World Cup do countless pockets, he will truly surpass Maradona and add a new generation of players!


2: Ronaldo (Portugal) Merow was bound unconsciously, and Messi naturally did not come to Ronaldo. For Real Madrid Kings, La Liga’s downturn and the Champions League’s scenery is not important, it is important that in the upcoming World Cup stage, he can help Portugal compete for the World Cup. If you can get the best shooter, Ronaldo will write a new one in his own account.


3: Dybala (Argentina) Di Barra is called the next Messi, this World Cup may also be his famous battle. How many players starred at the World Cup overnight, if they can seize the opportunity, Dybala can be immediately promoted to a world-class front tyrant.


4: Greitzmann (France) Glezman’s state fluctuates this season, but in the French camp, Mbape and others turned out to cover up the French little prince’s light. Obviously you can rely on your face to eat, but it depends on strength. This sentence is said to Glezman.


5: Cavani (Uruguay) Cavani’s predecessor, Fran, had a miracle and won the World Cup Golden Boot. Today, Cavani is at the peak of his career. In Uruguay, nobody can compete with him for penalty.

Of course, in addition to the above five, there are:


Morata (Spain)

Neymar (Brazil)

Thomas Muller (Germany)

Lukaku (Belgium)

Kane (England)

Lewandowski (Poland)

Falcao (Colombia)


Can Messi stand out from the crowd? May wish to wait and see!


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