April 18th As the world’s first country hosting the World Cup, Uruguay’s strength is remarkable. In addition to the World Cup won in 1930, it also won a 1950. After successfully qualifying for the World Cup 2018, it was assigned to Group A with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. From then on, we looked at the 2018 World Cup Uruguay lineup. Whether the 2018 World Cup Uruguay starts can win the highest glory for the team. Now.


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On October 10, 2017, the Uruguayan National Men’s Football Team ranked second in South America and won the qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It was their 13th entry. The following is the first to share the official Uruguay lineup for the 2018 World Cup and the Uruguay’s starting lineup for the 2018 World Cup.


Of course there are also news that the 2018 World Cup Uruguay lineup may be like this:


Uruguay team coach :


Uruguay assistant coach :


Uruguay forward :

Suarez, Cavani, Stuglia, Maxi-Gomez Uruguay

Midfielder :

Christian Rodriguez, C-Sanchez, Gaston Ramirez, Besino, Laxolt, Deraz Caeta, Nandez, Torreira, Bentan Cuba Uruguay

Guards :

Maxi Pereira, Godin, Coates, Gaston-Silva, Lermo Barrera, Jimenez Uruguay

Goalkeepers :

Muslera, Martin-Silva, Campania


Among them, Suarez Sue, from Barcelona, ​​seemed to have made a comeback at the beginning of the season. The state was somewhat unsatisfactory, but fortunately the quality was excellent. Now he has gradually found a good one. This player has a distinct advantage – the shooting skill is very high. He has a shooting skill of up to 94 in the FIFA 18, and Suarez is also like a textbook in terms of running position, reaching 92, plus a silky feel. A goalkeeper’s nightmare.

Do not know if Suarez met Messi, how would two heavyweight front-runners stir the World Cup?


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