Three-Five Sports News Beijing time May 3, the 2018 World Cup was held in Russia, which is well known, but Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup is not easy. In particular, the rumors that there were athletes suspected of taking stimulants, the entire Russian team was once questioned and spread news that may be deprived of the 2018 World Cup qualification.




However, Russia’s sad reminders about the 2018 World Cup have not yet finished, because the agent incident has come. It is said that there are double-sided agents in the UK who have been poisoned, and the accused is the host Russia of the World Cup. Not only did the United Kingdom and dozens of other European countries have announced that officials did not attend the World Cup in 2018, which actually formed a lot of public pressure and continued to impact Russia.


According to Voice of China’s “News Evening Peak” report, with the continuous fermentation of former Russian agents in the UK’s poisoning incident, Western countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union have successively announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats. Expressed the idea of ​​”will boycott Russia’s 2018 World Cup”. The diplomatic turmoil once again spread to sports.

With the continued spontaneity of the spying of Russian spies in the UK, hundreds of Russian diplomats were successively expelled by western countries. According to media statistics, this is the largest move by the western countries to expel Russian diplomats since the height of the Cold War.

Not to mention the truth alone, the single argument changed repeatedly before the big happy event, and even almost lost the host’s privilege. Russia’s hosting the World Cup this time is not really at ease. It’s just that the north wind blows and the heart cools.


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