Intense matches from World Cup Russia 2018 at the Quarter Finals round will begin


WELLSPORTS News July 5th, the 2018 Russia World Cup 1/8 finals are all over, and the current top eight list is also released. Among them, Brazil, France, Belgium and other strong teams advanced, while Argentina and Spain were eliminated. Of the eight teams, there are only two South American teams, Uruguay and Brazil, and the rest are European teams, which also shows the overall strength of European football.

Finally The top 20 Russia WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018 are: Uruguay, France, Brazil, Belgium; Russia, Croatia, Sweden, England

In the first half of the 1/8 final, Uruguay defeated Portugal 2-1, France beat Argentina 4-3, while Uruguay and France will play quarter-finals at 22:00 on July 6; Brazil 2-0 defeated Mexico, Belgium 3-2 defeated Japan, while Brazil and Belgium’s quarter-finals will start at 2 am on July 7.

In the lower half, Russia’s upset defeated Spain 5-4, Croatia 4-3 defeated Denmark, and Russia and Croatia’s quarter-finals will be held at 2 am on July 8; Sweden 1-0 defeated Switzerland, England 5 -4 defeated Colombia, while Sweden and England will start the quarter-finals in the evening of July 7 at 22:00.

From the situation of the upper and lower half, England, Sweden, Croatia, and the host region of Russia are not as strong as the other half of the region. Uruguay, France, Brazil and Belgium are all strong teams.

In addition, although Messi C Ronaldo and others missed the quarter-finals, but still star-studded, including Neymar, Kane, Cavani and other stars. The 3rd Five-Year Sports will also broadcast the quarter-finals all the time, let us witness the birth of the semi-finals


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