On April 21 , when more than two decades ago, Costa Rica had not reached the final 16 of the World Cup finals , but in the last World Cup they accidentally slammed into it and went all the way to the top 8 races, but in the end it was 3-4 in the Netherlands. stop 8 strong .




If this year’s 2018 World Costa Rica lineup is officially forecasted, the starting form of the 2018 World Cup Costa Rica team will not be able to walk a few steps forward.


017 Nian 10 Yue 7 days, Costa Rica national football team to the final stage of CONCACAF second, to obtain 2018 Nian qualify for the World Cup in Russia, is the first 5 times the competition.


The most famous Costa Rican team is Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Carol Navas and two forwards Joel Campbell and Brian Ruiz, who are all Costa Rican professional football players.


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